Top Wedding Trends For 2012

                                                          Top Wedding Trends for 2012

27 Miracles has noticed a lot of changes for the up and coming 2012 weddings.  When they come to us to coordinate the wedding they are looking for fresh and innovative ideas that will make them stand out more than any ordinary classical wedding. They want to be unique and have fun.

  1. After having Prince William and Kate marry this past spring with all the royal flair, we have had brides calling us to find out how they can plan a royal wedding of their own.  The things that stand out are the stylish hats that the guests can wear and the simplicity of Kate’s dress.  Now, living in Florida makes that style of dress tricky if a summer wedding is planned due to the heat; unless of course it is indoors.
  2. Another popular trend is dessert bars, coffee and specialty teas for the guests to enjoy at the wedding in addition to the wedding cake.
  3. Brides are taking themed weddings to a whole new level, if they cannot have the zoo wedding with exotic animals at the location; they are bringing the theme into a location that can accommodate that. For instance, the décor in prints, with exotic animals or birds at the cocktail hour allowing for photo opportunities with guests.
  4. Give her the bling!!! The brides are incorporating bling everywhere; bouquets and handles, their centerpiece décor and even in their gowns, shoes and tiaras or hair accents. Some even want them on their invitations and cake!
  5. Two dresses! Years ago when our parents were getting married and our grandparents it was a very popular thing to change your dress as you left the reception. Now the brides are going back to that tradition but instead they are electing to change midway through the reception so that they can showcase dress number two which is at times short and flirty, or long and sexy and elegant.  The girls want to be able to have fun and dance while wearing more comfortable attire.

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