Surprise and Choreographed First Dances…Becoming More Popular

27 Miracles has seen a rise in requests to have surprise first dances and choreographed first dances.  It makes the weddings so much more fun and exciting. Brides and Grooms these days want their wedding to be different from anyone else’s and adding different touches whether it is in the location, the menu, the decor, the entertainment or the first dance or an in between dance, it is something that each individual couple can do to make their day special.  The Planners at 27 Miracles love to have the ability to help create the different things that a couple can do at their wedding.

Although we can’t share who of our up and coming couples are doing what, we can at least share one that had her dance choreographed with her groom and her dad at her wedding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But here are a few videos that we have seen out there of people being unique in their wedding dances….so go out and have fun dancing the night away!!!

And you can’t forget the famous ceremony entrance dance…at the JK Wedding

It is noted that the JK Wedding has their own website and they are using their video to  become advocates to help stop domestic violence.  See their website below:

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