Cutting Corners Won’t Help You Save Money

Most recently 27 Miracles Planner Rosie Moore was asked to write for the Orlando and Lake County Bridal Directory.  If you have not picked one of these guides up yet, give us a call 407-905-5454 and we can let you know where to find these directories with great information on wedding planning.

Now when it comes to wedding budgets, your wedding planner can be the best resource for explaining that Cutting Corners Won’t Help You Save Money. Click on the link below  for full picture article.

Cutting_Corners Article Sept 20 2011

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In this ever changing economy, everyone is looking to cut costs, even brides!! Some of the places that we see brides cutting corners on to save money are dj’s, flowers, photographers, videographers and wedding planners. 

Popular magazines tell brides that they can use an Ipod as their wedding and reception music, buy flowers through the mail and make their own centerpieces, have friends take video and place cameras on the table for the guests to take pictures at the wedding. This should save the bride thousands.

What the popular magazines do not tell the bride is that not all equipment at all facilities is compatible with your IPod. What happens if the person you have in charge is not able to push the buttons at the right timing, or presses the wrong song? What happens if the crowd is just not happy with selection of music and they start to get bored? Ordering fresh flowers through the mail sounds like a neat idea to be creative and make your own centerpieces, by the time you finish buying these flowers that are wholesale and have to make yourself, it will have cost more in work time and purchasing things to obtain that wow factor that you may be looking for. Fresh floral have to be kept in water until they are ready to be entered in to the centerpiece that has water as well so that they do not wilt prior to the wedding. Who will do that for you minutes before the wedding? As for the photographer and videographer, what I can say is pictures tell a story, video captures the memory, if the person taking the pictures or video is not professional and does not know when to expect something important, they may miss it.

When thinking if you should hire a wedding planner consider asking yourself: Do I have unlimited time to plan my wedding day? Will I be able to negotiate contracts with vendors and drive all over town to meet these vendors? Can I deal with the last minute things on the day of and prior to the wedding?

 Happy Planning!!

Rosie Moore

27 Miracles Wedding Consulting

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