Thinking of Getting Engaged During The Holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!! A time for reflection, spending time with family and the start of holiday shopping for loved ones.  In particular that girl that makes your world rock!! So are you thinking of popping the question sometime over the holidays?  27 Miracles wants to assure you that buying a diamond for that special person doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  The difficult process is finding that special someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  The rest, will fall in place as far as shopping is concerned and planning.  Now as for shopping, do your homework and think carefully about what your girlfriend will like.  Here are some pointers on diamond shopping:

A diamond’s price will depend on the carat, clarity, cut and color.

Carat is the actual weight of the diamond.  Whether 1 carat or 1/2 carat.  The way the diamond is cut and mounted, can make a diamond appear larger or smaller than its actual weight.

Clarity is the presence of inclusions in a diamond. What are inclusions you ask?  Inclusions are fractures or minerals in the stone itself that are in the diamond when they are being formed in the earth.  They look like crystals, clouds and shadows inside the diamond.  They are ranked on a scale for clarity from F( Flawless) all the way to the letter I.  Some inclusions in a diamond are not visible because the way it is set it is hidden in the mounting.

Color is graded also on  a scale from D( colorless) to Z.  diamonds are not all white, there are some that are blue, green, yellow, orange, pink or red which is very rare.  Although a white colored diamond is the most popular.

Cut  is the angle and proportion of how the diamond is cut.  A well cut diamond will reflect light internally from one facet of the Diamond to another.  When a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow it will lose light and make the diamond look dull.   Cut also refers to shape, round, pear, marquis or the heart are a few examples.  The most brilliant stone of all diamond shapes is the round because it is symmetrical and reflects all the light that enters it. 

Now how much should you spend? Buying a diamond is forever so think wisely.  The diamond will represent a large emotional committment and financial investment.  It may in the future be passed on to family and it will become a family heirloom.

So happy shopping and be sure to contact 27 Miracles after your shopping is done and she says yes! We will help you plan your special day.  If you would like 27 Miracles to  take you shopping for that special someone or arrange the surprise engagement and capture it on photo, video or both,  give us a call and we can arrange that, 407-905-5454.

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World Prematurity Awareness Day Nov 17

Today is World Prematurity Awareness Day, November 17, 2011.  One of the preemie moms shared her visual of her thoughts on prematurity.  Theses lines just about explain it all.

Having a preemie means your venture into parenting will not be “normal”. You will learn words that many people will never even hear (and thankfully so). You will learn patience you didn’t know you were capable of, you will learn true fear and faith. You will learn more about your insurance than you ever cared to know. You will be able to change a diaper standing sideways at an isolette, while avoi…ding wires, tubes, and I.V.s. Living with a breast pump attached to your side because your baby was never able to be latched on.You learn that the journey doesn’t stop once they leave the NICU. Your childs pediatrician will become like family because you feel that you are at their office as much as you are home. You will learn that all the books you read on “what to expect” didn’t teach you anything that YOU needed to expect, and you are forced to learn as you go.

The most valuable lesson that I learned was just how precious life is, and how fragile it can be. 17 NOV is World Prematurity Day…wear purple!

Read below the story of Kaleb in The NICU


Veterans’ Day, Not Just 11/11/11

27 Miracles wants to take a moment today to honor the Veterans that served in all the armed forces and are still serving.  Many places may be  closed today in honor of Veterans Day, many store have great sales today in honor of 11/11/11 and many people getting married today because it is 11/11/11.  That is all great to get the best deals and have a great wedding day based on the date.  But let us not forget the reason we can have weddings and great sales today.  It is because of the men and women who gave up their families and lifestyle to fight for their country so that we can have the freedom we have today.

Keep our solidiers that are still not here in prayer and their families that are left behind.  But also let us remember those that lost their lives in wars and tragedies like 9/11.  One day those men and women will be here and hopefully those that have been waiting to marry their sweetheart, will be able to have a celebration honoring the armed services and the one that they love.

Enjoy the videos….




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The Surprise that Nguyen Vu had for Desiree!!!

Now knowing that 27 Miracles, wedding and event planner Rosie Moore loves a good surprise, when Nguyen Vu( groom)  asked her to help him plan his special surprise that he had for his wife to be Desiree three days before the wedding, how could she resist!  Rosie started to plan the distraction that would lead to the special moment that he had  planned for Desiree.  No one knew of the surprise.  Thanks to the catering staff of John Michael Catering and the team at 27 Miracles, the surprise took place without a hitch!! Not even a rehearsal !!   Rosie utilized the help of the best man and groomsman( brother of the bride) to assist her in the plan, but careful not to reveal what was about to take place.  The rest was the groom’s special surprise to his bride.  See the video below to  share in the happiness that we all felt watching this bride and groom!!

Our star videographer for the evening was Key Moment Film

Latest Wedding Trends..Surprises

27 Miracles loves a good surprise!!! From the very first day that Rosie Moore, wedding planner at 27 Miracles started planning weddings and events, her goal was the element of surprise and the wow factor. Her very first wedding to plan was her parents surprise wedding vow renewal.  She was all of 18 yrs old and decided that this was the time that  she would start.  She contacted people that were in her parents wedding 20 plus years ago and off to work she went.  She planned it in the large basement of her parents home up North.  And voila on December 21st her very first succesful wedding vow renewal.  Some day you shall have to ask her the details of how she got everyone to help from music to officiant to catering!

It is no doubt that ever since she was 4 she knew she wanted to be a wedding planner.

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Contact 27 Miracles for your wedding, Quince, Sweet 16 or Planned event and let them show you how they can surprise you and your guests.


Until next time Happy Planning!!!