The Surprise that Nguyen Vu had for Desiree!!!

Now knowing that 27 Miracles, wedding and event planner Rosie Moore loves a good surprise, when Nguyen Vu( groom)  asked her to help him plan his special surprise that he had for his wife to be Desiree three days before the wedding, how could she resist!  Rosie started to plan the distraction that would lead to the special moment that he had  planned for Desiree.  No one knew of the surprise.  Thanks to the catering staff of John Michael Catering and the team at 27 Miracles, the surprise took place without a hitch!! Not even a rehearsal !!   Rosie utilized the help of the best man and groomsman( brother of the bride) to assist her in the plan, but careful not to reveal what was about to take place.  The rest was the groom’s special surprise to his bride.  See the video below to  share in the happiness that we all felt watching this bride and groom!!

Our star videographer for the evening was Key Moment Film

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