World Prematurity Awareness Day Nov 17

Today is World Prematurity Awareness Day, November 17, 2011.  One of the preemie moms shared her visual of her thoughts on prematurity.  Theses lines just about explain it all.

Having a preemie means your venture into parenting will not be “normal”. You will learn words that many people will never even hear (and thankfully so). You will learn patience you didn’t know you were capable of, you will learn true fear and faith. You will learn more about your insurance than you ever cared to know. You will be able to change a diaper standing sideways at an isolette, while avoi…ding wires, tubes, and I.V.s. Living with a breast pump attached to your side because your baby was never able to be latched on.You learn that the journey doesn’t stop once they leave the NICU. Your childs pediatrician will become like family because you feel that you are at their office as much as you are home. You will learn that all the books you read on “what to expect” didn’t teach you anything that YOU needed to expect, and you are forced to learn as you go.

The most valuable lesson that I learned was just how precious life is, and how fragile it can be. 17 NOV is World Prematurity Day…wear purple!

Read below the story of Kaleb in The NICU


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