You Are Engaged!!!!! Welcome 2012 With a Special!!!

Congratulations on your engagement!!! Isn’t love grand?  Rosie Moore, 27 Miracles wedding planner was also engaged over the holidays 6 years ago.  Yesterday was her 6 Year engagement anniversary, that is how 27 Miracles got its name.   See the post from yesterday

But today because 27 Miracles is wanting to celebrate 2012 with the newly engaged couples, we are offering a special.  It is limited though, ten lucky or blessed couples as I like to call it,  will receive a full service wedding coordination package at a discount of $500 dollars off the original price when the service is paid in full by 2/29/11.  I say 2/29/11 because it is leap year!!!   Call us today at 407-905-5454 to schedule your appointment.  But in the meantime visit our website at so that you can learn all about 27 Miracles.


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How Did 27 Miracles Get It’s Name?

Many people always want to know where the name 27 Miracles originate from?  Some of you have heard the story, but others have not…..well here is the short version of it….It was six years ago today December 27, 2005 that Marcus, my best friend and husband proposed to me with the Disney fireworks in the background ( heart-shaped too, just for us ) …The long story is in my new book, A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore and you can read it there….but at least now you know when 27 Miracles was born, that is where the name came from….Happy Engagement Anniversary to my BFF Marcus…….until next time….and congratulations if you also got engaged this beautiful time of year…call us after you are done celebrating and we will help you plan that beautiful wedding, your own!!

27 Miracles


A Story Of Faith

Welcome to A Story of Faith Blog

The story of Rosie Moore, including the events preceding the miraculous birth of her son, Kaleb. Barely 1 pound, 10 ounces at birth, Kaleb is a LIVING MIRACLE from God. Readers will enjoy this short story surrounding this love story built on prayer, God’s intervention, and the wonderful gift of faith given to people of ordinary means. How God intervenes in a person’s life and how our current troubles may be a hidden blessing in your life, coming directly from the master planner.
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A Review from Kimberly and Steve

Quality of Service: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Value: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Reviewed On:
12/22/2011Services Used:
Wedding Planning

 As Written on Wedding Wire
It was one of the smartest decisions we made hiring Rosie and her team at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting. I remember meeting Rosie at one of the bridal shows I attended. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at the bridal show because of all the vendors and information that I was being handed to me, then I came the 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting booth and Rosie and I started to talk, I don’t remember what we talked about but I do remember feeling less stressed after speaking with her. I also remember writing on the pamphlet of information that she gave me after we spoke that I wanted to talk to her more. Fast forward, after attending many bridal shows I went back into my piles of wedding information searching for “that one wedding planner that was really nice.” I did my research and met with her and other planners but Rosie stood out above the rest because she was interested in our ideas and from the get go we could tell that she truly cared about making our day special in every way she could.
Planning a wedding is hard! Especially when it’s your wedding and you have to pick from all of your ideas that you have had since you were a little girl! Also, add in the need and want to please all of your guests, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy! Well, Rosie was there for us! She gave us the guidance that we needed, she never told us what we needed to do, she just listened and eventually we came to a decision/conclusion.
Our wedding weekend – yes, we hired Rosie and her team for our rehearsal dinner (Friday night), wedding day (Saturday), and day after brunch (Sunday) and no we didn’t have a huge budget! But with Rosie’s help we were able to find great vendors at great prices and as a result we got to have wedding weekend!
The wedding weekend was amazing and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better wedding! Rosie and her team also arranged a couple amazing surprises for us! But I’m not going to tell you what they were because I suggest you hire her and her team in order to find out!
Oh, one other thing you should probably know about me. I’m a planner myself! Now my specialty wasn’t wedding planning but I’m in the business and I know a thing or two. To this day, I still recommend hiring a wedding planner and not trying to do it yourself or asking a family member to act as your planner because…. Well, it’s less stressful! Rosie and her team knew all of the details for the wedding and they did all the work. Not once did I have to worry about if the flowers arrived or did that person remember… You might be wondering what I did on my wedding day – Well, I relaxed in my hotel room while Rosie and her team took care of everything!
I highly recommend hiring the team at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting!

A Review from Alyssa and Francisco


Quality of Service: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Responsiveness: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Professionalism: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Value: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Flexibility: 5.0 out of 5.0 (5.0/5.0)
Reviewed On:
12/07/2011Services Used:
Wedding Planning

The Wedding of Diana and Andrew

Diana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 372A beautiful Golf resort in Metrowest Orlando area was the setting for the wedding of Diana and Andrew.  They started their ceremony listening to the beautiful harp strings of Christine MacPhail with the warm October breezes carrying the sound to the nearby golfers curious to see. During the ceremony there was an Arras tradition.  Arras come from a Middle Eastern tradition brought to Europe by the Moors. The tradition has been carried throughout the world, especially in places that were Spanish ruled.  Nowadays it is customary in Latin America for the 13 gold coins to be exchanged between the bride and groom to symbolize the sharing of fortune and wealth.

Diana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 349

Diana has had this in her family for many generations, so having it in her modern-day wedding was that extra special touch that she wanted to add to honor her parents and family.

The Arras are thirteen coins.  The number 13 is said to represent Christ and the 12 apostles.  The thirteen coins also stand for love, trust, committment, respect, joy, happiness, harmony, wisdom, wholeness, nurturing, caring, cooperation and peace traits that the couple would want their marriage to be filled with.

As part of the ritual the Officiant blesses the arras.  The arras should symbolize their mutual fidelity and help.  The Bible says that “wealth is the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord.”   It is noted that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

The happy couple and their guests danced the night away to the rocking latin beats provide by Miami Pro Dj’s.  Ending with the Time of their Lives…Congratulations to the Happy Couple.

Pictures courtesy of KBJ Photography

A Rehearsal Dinner Can Be Fun and Exciting!!

Sometimes families get caught up with all the wedding plans and how everything should turn out that day.  27 Miracles is here to tell you that you can have fun at your rehearsal dinner.  Sure it is a time to enjoy your friends and family, but you can also relax and forget about the wedding day.  Let 27 Miracles handle your wedding day and the stress melt away.  See how planning a fun rehearsal dinner  took the stress off the happy couple.

 Yee Ha Bob made sure that every guest, even the planners at 27 Miracles could not escape Bob Jackson, comedian, singer and entertainer’s fun streak!  You ask, who is Yee Ha Bob?  Hello Music Lovers!!!!  Why in his own words he says he is “America’s funniest entertainer. Bob has been bringing laughter and music to audiences at Walt Disney World for more than fourteen years. Bob combines his great boogie woogie piano skills with comedy and singalong to create a unique audience interactive experience. Check out his website