Every Bride Should Read About Wedding Planners

27 Miracles is always trying to update the clients and vendors about what is out there and when we see a good article, we will share it with everyone.  In this article, it speaks about wedding planners and what they put into their work as well as what you receive with a newcomer.  At 27 Miracles we say this, if you do not hire our service we will not be offended, however when you do hire a service, investigate the company, read their reviews and don’t always go with a company because they offer you a service that looks or sounds similar for pennies to the dollar.  You always receive what you pay for, not that the most expensive is any better either.  What matters most is customer service and quality of work.  If you have spent your hard-earned dollars on any vendor and you received quality work and great customer service, then that is money well spent!

Please click the link below for the full length article…..


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