A Rehearsal Dinner Can Be Fun and Exciting!!

Sometimes families get caught up with all the wedding plans and how everything should turn out that day.  27 Miracles is here to tell you that you can have fun at your rehearsal dinner.  Sure it is a time to enjoy your friends and family, but you can also relax and forget about the wedding day.  Let 27 Miracles handle your wedding day and the stress melt away.  See how planning a fun rehearsal dinner  took the stress off the happy couple.

 Yee Ha Bob made sure that every guest, even the planners at 27 Miracles could not escape Bob Jackson, comedian, singer and entertainer’s fun streak!  You ask, who is Yee Ha Bob?  Hello Music Lovers!!!!  Why in his own words he says he is “America’s funniest entertainer. Bob has been bringing laughter and music to audiences at Walt Disney World for more than fourteen years. Bob combines his great boogie woogie piano skills with comedy and singalong to create a unique audience interactive experience. Check out his website http://www.yehaabob.com/  

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