How Did 27 Miracles Get It’s Name?

Many people always want to know where the name 27 Miracles originate from?  Some of you have heard the story, but others have not…..well here is the short version of it….It was six years ago today December 27, 2005 that Marcus, my best friend and husband proposed to me with the Disney fireworks in the background ( heart-shaped too, just for us ) …The long story is in my new book, A Story of Faith By Rosie Moore and you can read it there….but at least now you know when 27 Miracles was born, that is where the name came from….Happy Engagement Anniversary to my BFF Marcus…….until next time….and congratulations if you also got engaged this beautiful time of year…call us after you are done celebrating and we will help you plan that beautiful wedding, your own!!

27 Miracles


A Story Of Faith

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