The Perfect Quinceanero

The perfect Quinceañero requires a lot of planning, but it does not have to be a nightmare. 27 Miracles and their outstanding team can help you make sure of that.  Stay tuned the next few days as we talk about a different aspect of the Quinceañero and how simple it is when you have the assistance of a professional Quinceañero planner like Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and her team!

Let’s start with some basics, the Quinceañero is an important tradition in the Latin Culture.  It signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood.  It is a time when the the parents of the Quinceañera introduce her to the community as a young lady and they thank God for the wonderful fifteen years that they are celebrating.  So the Quinceañero does have a religious background to it.

Some families have a dilemma with the girls as to whether they offer the quince, the trip or the car. Sometimes these conversations happen in our office and as the planners we cannot get in the middle of it, we can only speak to the planning of the quince.  The rest is up to the family decision.  Rarely do the girls get two or three choices, it is one or the other.  We see it both ways the car and the party. 

Now today’s video will show you the Quinceañera Frances as she transforms into a young lady.  Thank you to the videography work of Dan with Megapixel www.megapixelpro.comhair and the hair and makeup of AJ Photo/Hair and Make Up  studio

Stay tuned for the next video series on planning your Quinceañero.  By the way many people ask me why it says Quinceañero in some places and Quinceañera in others. Here is your Spanish 101 lesson, Quinceañero is the “party” itself, Quinceañera is the “birthday girl” one is the noun( person, place or thing) and the other one is the verb( action) okay so I gave you the English lesson too!!

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