All About the Surprise Entrances at the Quince

When planning the Quinceañero, there is always the element of the court entrance and the grand entrance of the Quinceañera with her prince for the night.  It is important to have a good MC in addition to the DJ.  27 Miracles recommends that family be allowed to enjoy the evening and the MC be a professional.  The reason that we say that is because there are so many details that go into the Quinceañero. There are rapid changes between dresses and elaborate costumes and if there is a necessary change, only an experienced DJ/MC team along with the Quinceañero planner can make those decisions quickly, smoothly and without any flaws or interruptions to the event. In this Quinceañero, you will see the very talented MC/DJ team of Andres Roque and Kr from Miami Pro DJ’s  27 Miracles does many events with this team of MC/DJ and our clients are always satisfied at the outcome, as is the planner( me!!) because the MC /DJ team makes the night a success.

The entrance of the court is usually choreographed and is done prior to any of the dances.  Once the parents and the padrinos(Godparents) enter, the court will follow(damas and chambelanes, this is Spanish for the girls and the boys in the Quinceañero Court).  The entrance is set to a special song selected by the Quinceañera and her parents.  Once the Court is lined up then it is time for the Quinceañera’s grand entrance.  Sometimes there is a thank you video shown prior,  as you saw in our prior blog.  Then it is time for the Prince to let the Quinceañera out of her secret hiding place, if she has one.  Sometimes the Quinceañera comes through the doors, other times she comes out of a stage prop like a rose, background scene, castle, dependent on the theme.  In this video for Frances,  you will see the lovely Quinceañera come out of the carriage.

It is one of the many exciting events of the evening.  Stay tuned for more on Quinceañeros.

To plan your Quinceañero call 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454 or visit us on our website

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