Ceremony for the Quinceañera

 27 Miracles continues with the series of Quinceañera events. There is a special ceremony during the Quinceañero.  This ceremony can either take place in a church or at the reception hall.  The ceremony can be adapted to the country that the parents are from or traditions can be mixed up.  Earlier on if you recall there were two little girls in the court, one carried the Bible and one carried the shoes.

The presentation of the Bible is done by the minister.  The Bible is presented to the Quinceañera as her first Bible  as a young lady, then there is a special prayer of blessing over the Quinceañera.  Next is the shoes, up to now, the Quinceañera has been wearing ballerina slippers signifying that she is a child.  However as she turns 15 and into a young lady, her father will change her shoes into high heels.  Once her shoes are changed at this moment she will dance with her father and he will present her to the community.  She is presented as the young lady that she is.

Sometimes this is also the opportunity if the Quinceañera has a doll, that she will present to a younger sister or younger child to signify that she is leaving her childhood behind.   At this time the parents take a moment and also may present her with a necklace, ring, earrings or a bracelet.

Let’s watch these two ceremonies take place, The Bible Presentation and the changing of the shoes.


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