An Interview with Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles

In today’s Market everyone has a choice as to who they will hire to coordinate, plan and execute their wedding or event.  Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles knows this first hand.  Through the years Rosie has compiled some of the best asked questions by brides before hiring her.  Rosie recommends that before hiring her services that every bride/client read through this.


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Client: How long have you been doing wedding and event planning?

Rosie: I have been planning weddings and events ever since I was 18 yrs old off and on, however in 2008, I decided that I wanted to open 27 Miracles and have my own full service wedding company.

Client: We love your wedding services after reviewing your website and your testimonials.  What sets you apart from other wedding and event planners?

Rosie: I am a certified wedding and event planner with not only the book knowledge but the experience needed to do weddings and events of all sizes.  I have a passion for doing weddings and will give my 150% to the wedding/event.  When you hire Rosie of 27 Miracles you are hiring your best friend that will be honest with you, help you get through anything and most of all be professional to always make the bride and groom/client look great and have an experience that they will never forget on their wedding/event day.

Client: Wow, it sounds wonderful all that you do, will we be able to afford you?

Rosie: Absolutely, the investment that you make hiring my services will repay itself in services rendered and there are monies to be saved that otherwise would not be saved with my contract negotiation skills and extensive relationships in the industry.

Client: Who do you work best with?

Rosie: I work best with all types of brides/clients,  but particularly the brides/clients that work with us are the ones that are too busy to go to the appointments and do the research.  So they have us do all the legwork and on the day of the wedding/event everything flows smoothly

Client: Who will benefit from your services?

Rosie: The bride/client that is looking to have a wedding/event that will leave guests talking and remembering the day.  The bride/client that wants to enjoy the day and not stress over the details.

Client: Will I lose control if you are planning the wedding/event?

Rosie: You will not lose control of the wedding/event.  As a matter of fact no decision is made by the planner without coordinating with the bride/client. It is a team effort!

Client: Will you work with the vendors I have already selected?

Rosie: I will work with the vendors that you have selected.  I take the time to introduce myself to your vendors and work as a team on the day of the wedding/event.

Client: Do you take credit cards?

Rosie: Yes we take credit cards.  We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express and offer Pay Pal

Client: Do you have a payment plan?

Rosie: Yes we do have a payment plan for those that need it.

Client: Do you have liability insurance?

Rosie: Yes we carry liability insurance, as most event locations require this.

Client: Do you take more than one wedding/event per day?

Rosie: I only take one wedding/event personally per day.  27 Miracles may have more than one wedding/event per day occurring, however those weddings/events will be assigned to another planner on our team.

Client: This sounds like everything that we are looking for, what do we do now to sign up with you?

Rosie: You can contact me at 407-905-5454 or email me at to schedule a time to sign your contract

Client: May we contact some of your past clients?

Rosie: You can certainly contact our past clients.  In the meantime see the various links to testimonials here.,

Client: We have a few more questions before we get started, can I call you?

Rosie: Yes, call me at 407-905-5454 or email me at to schedule your complimentary meet and greet consultation

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