A Happy Bride with Her Angela Nuran Shoes

27 Miracles loves to hear about great stories from Brides when they purchase shoes from us.  Most recently Brandy purchased shoes from us.  Brandy is from Nevada and heard that 27 Miracles was selling Starlettas at 1/2 off for the holidays and decided that was well worth her investment.  These shoes are normally $300 dollars, however because our wonderful designer is very passionate abouit what she does and knows that we want to help the cause of Brides Against Breast Cancer, she makes the shoes affordable to the brides!  Brandy had selected the Starlettas but selected the ioncorrect size.  We were able to exchange her shoes within days. 

Here is Brandy’s own words:

“Hello Everyone! I received my shoes today and: not only do they fit, and not only are they gorgeous, they are so comfortable! Thank you so much for facilitating everything with the purchase and exchange! I will send pics after my June wedding 🙂





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