Can a Jack of All Trades Give You Everything That You Need

Can a Jack of all Trades do your wedding and event and have it come out flawlessly?  This is a question most recently asked?

27 Miracles asked several of their industry people for their honest opinions.  Their comments will amaze you…..

” I am a florist and have had similar experiences with planners. They think they can be florists.  Specialize in ONE thing… Walk in YOUR truth and you will be fine! I would never think of coordinating because I put all of my energy into the flowers and setting up the day of. So you have to think that they cannot possibly be giving 100% at both. I’m sure something is falling through the cracks.”

“I am a wedding planner and we pay attention to the details of the day, we do not mind helping but creating, let an expert create the big fancy floral.”

An entertainer stated, “A Florist could potentially end up burning themselves out doing EVERYTHING, especially if they’re not experienced enough. ”

A planner states, ” I noticed that caterers, florists and rental companies are offering planning services. I have approached the companies about their services to see who they work with and typically its anyone within the company that is wearing a planning hat. How interesting, they want to be the one stop shop for clients but then can’t make it happen, things fall apart on the event day. I have seen it time and time again. ”

At 27 Miracles we offer different services, however each service is completely handled by a different person.  Everyone helps each other out but when you have a planner assigned to your wedding, Quince, Sweet 16, or Event, rest assured that your planner will be focused on you.  27 Miracles is a full service wedding and event planning company offering invitations, favors, shoes, etc through our online boutique.  We offer officiating services, nanny services, floral services, entertainment services, however you will not see 27 Miracles doing all of these in one night by the same staff.  What you will see is a well planned event with you and your staff attended to the entire night.  If something is wrong or an emergency should occur, we are right there to see it or prevent it, we are not too busy running up and down serving food and fixing floras.  However having said that, if we are called on to help with an emergency that a waiter calls out sick on the spot or something crazy like that or flowers have to be set up because the florist was in traffic that was unavoidable, of course we are there to lend a helping hand.  That is our job to fix things so that you the customer do not stress.

We have watched events where there are caterers where the caterer serves cafeteria style to the guests everything that is on the buffet line, without labeling food to see if there are any allergies, they do the floral and decor, they do the coordination of the event, for 100 guests and then have something fall through the cracks.  On the surface the pictures look great of decor, but the service in the end was lacking.

So what we want to leave you here with today is that 27 Miracles is a full service wedding company, we are not a Jack of all Trades, because we want to bring you our clients the best vendors in the industry so that we can focus only on the details and the planning of your wedding or event.  This ensures us that no detail is missed as you only have this one time for your event!

 So the next time someone tells you all they do, ask to see an event that they are doing, check out their credentials, they may be licensed catering or floral, but are they certified and carry a business license to coordinate?  After all would you hire a mechanic to take your gallbladder out?

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