Two Years Ago Today A Woman Loses Her Battle With Breast Cancer

It was two years ago today that a woman named Adriana Yanez lost her battle with breast cancer.  But I know that now she rests in a better place and her legacy of what she stood for lives on.  The legacy to educate women of all ages about how important self breast exams are and mammograms.

Adriana Yanez of Deltona died on Feb. 20, 2010 after a battle with breast cancer. Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation granted her a wish: to reimburse a friend, who paid $2,000 to fly Yanez’s parents from Venezuela to Florida to be with her. Yanez died before the wish was granted.

Adrianan M Yanez

In the U.S., a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes and a woman dies from the disease every 13 minutes.  Adriana Yanez of Deltona was one of the recipients of a wish granted through Making Memories. A friend, also a single mom, decided to pay $2,000 to fly her parents from Venezuela to Central Florida after her health began to deteriorate rapidly and fund-raising was trickling in. She really wanted her mom there. … She had no family here.

But Yanez dreamed of paying back the money. It meant the world for her that someone was willing to help.  Yanez, 44, lost her battle to cancer Feb. 20, 2012 before Making Moments could provide her the money. But her wish did not go unheard. Making Memories dropped a check in the mail to pay back her friend .

How can you help today? Do your self breast exam and see a doctor asap if you find a lump and get your routine mammograms.  Another way that you can help is to purchase shoes from 27 Miracles today,  for every shoe purchased 27 Miracles is donating proceeds to the Making Memories pink envelope project.

Another way to help is to purchase the book called A Story of Faith directly through 27 Miracles and let us know that you read about it on this blog and 27 Miracles will donate again from the proceeds to Making Memories pink envelope project.  Here is the link to the book to receive information.  You can contact 27 Miracles by email or call us at 407-905-5454 to order your book today.

27 Miracles

One thought on “Two Years Ago Today A Woman Loses Her Battle With Breast Cancer

  1. Gracias Rosie porque en tus memorias siempre están presentes Adriana y Santiago! Tu fidelidad hacia su recuerdo ha sido constante. Gracias por seguir nombrándola y haciendo visible su imagen en la red. Que el Señor te siga bendiciendo y prosperando. Te amo en Jesús. Un beso. Yolanda.

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