Interview for Florida Hospital

It was most recently that Florida Hospital requested that Rosie and Marcus Moore interview at the hospital where their little Micro preemie of 1lb 10 oz and 27 weeks was born.  It was an honor to be able to share Kaleb’s story with everyone.  Although there were parts that neither of them had thought about since the early birth of their son.  They toured the first NICU where Kaleb stayed for a few weeks before transitioning to where he stayed for 5 months.  It was an emotional moment to see where a fight for life started.  The beeping of machines, the monitors and the urgency of the NICU.  But it helped Rosie and Marcus understand the importance even more about supporting parents as they go through the challenges and ups and downs of their precious babies in the hands of the doctors and the nurses.  That is when you pray for Faith to get through not each day but each moment of the day as a child’s life hangs in the unknown.

For those watching today, help other preemie parents and purchase the book A Story of Faith by Rosie Moore, you can contact 27 Miracles directly to purchase your copy today, 407-905-5454 or email us at

When purchased part of the proceeds will be donated to Nathaniel’ Hope

27 Miracles would like to say a special thank you to Florida Hospital for giving us the opportunity to share our testimony with other parents and for taking care of Kaleb, our little miracle.

Bruce with Treasured Moments thanks you for capturing this special moment in our lives.

Thank you

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