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Jenna Bush, daughter of the last President of the United States, was married recently but not in the White House. In fact, there hasn’t been a White House wedding for 37 years and that was Tricia Nixon’s wedding to Edward Cox in 1971. Unlike most of her predecessors, who married in the splendor of the East Room, Tricia preferred the natural, lush surroundings of the Rose Garden and her father, the president, agreed. until the big day.

It rained.

By 4 o’clock, when the wedding was to begin, it was pouring. The White House staff would not set up the chairs because they didn’t want to dry them off. The guests were waiting and the President of the United States was in a tizzy.

Finally, in an act of desperation, he called the Air Force, who informed him that the skies would clear at exactly 4:30. The chairs were hastily…

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