About Michael Lombardo, Soon to be the Hottest Music Recording Artist

Okay here it is everyone wanted to know who is this Michael Lombardo and what do you mean up and coming artist? 27 Miracles Planner Rosie Moore got the opportunity to work with Lombardo on his soon to be released video, That Girl.  Here is a bio on him so that you get to know him a little better:

Lombardo was born Michael Lombardo in Seattle, Washington on May 1, 1988. Born and raised in an Italian American family, his dreams of becoming a singer one day were not far from the horizon. As he grew older, Lombardo always knew music was his passion. Drawing influence from various artists in all genres of music such as Trey Songz, Jay Sean, Pleasure P and Romeo Santos, led Lombardo to one …day become an aspiring artist himself. His musical taste and inspiration derive from R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music. With this new found passion, Lombardo embarked on his musical journey at the early age of 17.

During this time Lombardo created his first musical single entitled ‘’ Why’’. ‘’Why’’ blended a unique mix of Modern Pop and R&B sound. This lead to a string of other songs which he performed in various high profile nightclubs in the Seattle area such as Citrus, iMusic, Republiq, and Tia Lou. During this time, his music caught the attention of many admiring fans worldwide.

Lombardo’s musical talent also caught the attention of Latin music insider Frankie El Jefe, whom himself has worked with a celebrated list of musical talents across the globe. While currently acting as Lombardo’s manager, Frankie El Jefe is helping audiences around the world to hear Lombardo’s unique musical talent and aspirations. Today, Lombardo’s plans are never ending. He is currently working on his first debut album, with plans to one day tour the world with his new found passion and calling.

If you would like to see Lombardo come to Orlando again and perform for you contact 27 Miracles and we can arrange that for you.  www.27miraclesbyrosie.com 407-905-5454
Listen to That Girl, soon to be a video release!
Behind the scenes shots of the video

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