Lombardo’s Very Own T Shirt ….

Stay tuned soon you will see t-shirts like this and others I am sure promoting Lombardo, the newest R and B singer to hit the local  music charts.  If  you are wondering who is Lombardo, click on a few of his links below and you can visit his website, skype with him, and hear his music and download it too on Itunes!

Below you will see Michael Lombardo, he is a fire fighter when he is not singing.  Pictured here with his dad on the left and his cousin on the right. Isn’t that something else? Take a listen to Lombardo’s songs he has music for every genre, most recently he wrote a song for his mother that you will find on his music site.  And there are many more songs to come.

27 Miracles is happy to be working with Michael Lombardo.  If you are interested in hiring him for your next event, Quince or wedding, please contact 27 Miracles and we will be able to coordinate for you .

Instagram: lombardo_music
Skype: michael.lombardo88

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