Don’t Give up…Lombardo’s Newest Video..I Will Fight

If you ever feel like the demands of life are getting you down or you don’t know where to turn, then listen to this song…it is called I Will Fight.  It is written and sung by Michael Lombardo.  27 Miracles’ Planner Rosie Moore, had the opportunity to be in this video.  Just knowing the storyline about the hardships of life and hearing Michael Lombardo sing it, was inspiring to all those that were there.  The pastor of the church was also present during the video recording as well, giving his inspiration to all that were there.  This video shows you that life without God is pretty lonely.  But when you open up to Him, then your whole outlook changes, there is no more sadness.

So today be inspired and fight the good fight as the Bible teaches…do not give up on the dreams that you have….after all the only one that you can depend on is God, he is always there for you!

27 Miracles
Instagram: lombardo_music
Skype: michael.lombardo88

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