America Loves Ivonne and Andrew……

You might say who is Ivonne and Andrew? And why does America love them?   If you haven’t been following the story of Ivonne and Andrew, here is a brief synopsis of it.  Ivonne was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  She has undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate the tumors that she has.  She was planning to one day get married in the future to her true love Andrew. Unfortunately this diagnosis changed all their plans to have the wedding of the dreams. Treatments, medical expenses, loss of a job, placed them in a situation that made the planning of a wedding impossible and to also move the wedding up to August 2012 as opposed to next year was even harder.  Their story has touched people all over the US as the outreach of donation offers is coming from places other than Florida and even out of the USA.

Minerva’s Bridal  contacted Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles and asked if there was anything that we could do to help this bride in need.  Rosie went to work contacting her fellow Orlando/Tampa vendors to help.  The response was overwhelming with the offers that she received. At this time the wedding is pretty much planned.  There is a surprise honeymoon destination, however the  fare is what is needed.  27 Miracles is asking for your support if you would like to help, please send an email to 27 Miracles at and you can receive details there as to how to give to help this couple. 

In The meantime 27 Miracles wants to give an open thank you to the following vendors below.  Now there are many other vendors involved, however those will be revealed after the wedding as they are saved for a wedding day surprise…..

Minerva’s Bridal, Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista, A Chair Affair, Gaylord Palms Hotel, Nannuk Media, Nannuk Invitations, Andy Martin Photography, Key Moments Videography, John Michael Catering, About Face, Miami Pro DJ’s, Pastor Silva and many more that will be revealed soon on the wedding day…….

Follow Ivonne and Andrew’s story as it develops in the next few weeks. on 27 Miracles Blog .

Most recently  Studio Ten.TV had the happy couple Ivonne and Andrew as well as  Rosie Moore on their morning show to hear Ivonne and Andrew’s story.  Click on the link to see the show.

8 thoughts on “America Loves Ivonne and Andrew……

  1. I am Ivonne Marie’s aunt in Chicago. I am so excited at what God has made possible through all these good people and vendors. She is so happy at the reality of being married to her beloved Andrew. Everyone involved has become a part of their lives and I, for sure, appreciate all your tangible gifts to this beautiful couple. Praise God for he is awesome!

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