KBJ Recommends 27 Miracles

There are times in all of our lives that we are given an opportunity to do the right thing and make a difference in another person’s life.   KBJ Photography was given that unique opportunity when Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting contacted us about participating in a special wedding.   What made this December 2nd, 2011 wedding different was that Rosie had coordinated with all the vendors to make this a blessing wedding.  This wedding was to be completed totally free and from the heart.

Rosie told us the couple’s touching story of troubles and triumphs and after hearing the passion in Rosie’s voice, we knew that we needed to get on board and make a difference in this young couple’s life. 

Rosie went above and beyond to meet all their needs.  It was true honors for us to see Rosie go above and beyond to make this couple’s wedding become a reality. 




KBJ Photography has had many opportunities to work with Rosie and we are always truly amazed at her organizational skills and her attention to details.  Rosie has fresh ideas and is always working for the client’s best interest in making their wedding the most it can be while saving money.  Anytime we know we are going to be working an event that Rosie of 27 Miracles, we know that the event will be fun, well organized and professional.

We recommend Rosie of 27 Miracles to anyone that is thinking of planning a Wedding, Quinceaneras, or family or corporate event.


Bruce Johnson

KBJ Photography LLC



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