A Surprise Rehearsal Dinner………………….

The last thing that Ivonne and Andrew had on their mind was that anyone would donate a Rehearsal Dinner to them. Rosie Moore, planner for 27 Miracles worked with Michael Thomas of John Michael Catering and Events and with Sascha Voss of the Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown to do just that, give this deserving couple a Rehearsal Dinner like no other.

Jeff VerSchage of White Rose Entertainment made sure of that.  He welcomed the happy couple to their surprise rehearsal dinner.  The bridal party and family left the Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista with directions on where to go.  Ivonne and Andrew had a bit of a delay as they would be led to their surprise location. The Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown.   They were given a few side tracks like almost turning in to the Royal Plaza Hotel in Lake Buena Vista(which they would find out on their wedding day donated a 2 night Honeymoon stay at their hotel) .  When we finally arrived at the Holiday Inn, there happened to be a shuttle awaiting at the hotel and planner Rosie Moore in her playfulness said oh, here is our transfer to our next destination. The driver caught on and gladly opened the door so they can get in, but just before they got in, Ivonne said , “oh wow, wish it would have been here this place is amazing!!!” At that point planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles let them both in on the secret, it is here!!

Mission accomplished…a true surprise for Ivonne and Andrew.  They walked in to a beautiful room  with Blue up lighting enhancing the white linens and fine china set on the table.   The  centerpiece was an orchid with a floating candle and natural stones.  The bride and groom were like two kids in a candy store, trying to take it all in.

The fabulous dinner was through John Michael Catering it consisted of

Garden salad with ranch and balsamic dressing

Braised beef tenderloin tips served with trio of sauces

Vegetable lasagna

Shallot and rosemary roasted potatoes

Vegetable sauté

Gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries

Red Velvet Cake

The guests were so thrilled with the dinner.  We were blessed to receive beautiful hand-made menus and escort cards by Elegance of the Pen by Chelsea.

During dinner Jeff of White Rose had the most perfect Spanish Medleys that left the families ecstatic listening to old world songs from respected musicians from back in the day.  Jeff never having met the family took a guess that this would be perfect for them and it sure was.  But then it was time to Rock the House and that is what Jeff did , got everyone out on the dance floor!!!

Later that night Janvi  Lalani of Ready Set Dance, wanted to be involved in some way and she decided that she would use her talent of dance to dance for the happy couple.  She did a Bollywood Dance.  You may ask what is Bollywood dance?

As one website refers to it: What is Bollywood dancing?
Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. “It’s a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body. ”  http://www.bollywoodworld.com/whatisbollywood/ The songs chosen for Ivonne and Andrew were the weddings songs celebrating two people in love.

The night ended with many thanks you’s to all the vendors that made this fabulous rehearsal dinner possible by Ivonne and Andrew.

Click on the link below to see the pictures from the rehearsal dinner. Jerdan Photography 


Bruce with Treasured Moments captured all the fun on video.

Click the link below to see the video by Treasured Moments:

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Vendors that Donated their Time and Service:

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Holiday Inn Lake Buena Vista Downtown  www.hiorlando.com

White Rose Entertainment  http://www.orlandodj.com/

John Michael Catering http://www.johnmichaelevents.com/

Elegance of the Pen chelsea.ann.1091@gmail.com

Jerdan Photography http://jerdanphotography.com/

Treasured Moments Videography http://tmvphdfilms.com/


Who Said Ceremony Rehearsals Can’t Be Fun???

When you combine the fun loving spirit of Ivonne and Andrew  it is a recipe for fun, lots of it!!  The couple started out at the Sheraton Hotel in Lake Buena Vista for their ceremony rehearsal.  Ivonne and her dad wanted to do a special dance number together on their wedding day.  Everyone left the room so that they can keep it a secret as they practiced their dancing.  Then it was the groom’s turn to practice their first dance song, a medley of two songs The dance Choreography for the bride and groom’s second half of the dance was taught by Frankie of Salsa Heat.

The  ceremony rehearsal( the serious part) was officiated by Pastor Silva.  He was great, trying to help poor dad get the words  ” Her Mother and I” out.  But when the minister asked dad who gives this woman away, dad was getting choked up in tears.  He loves his daughter so much!!!

Jerdan Photography  from Tampa, FL captured the fun facial expressions of the two families coming together to have fun at the rehearsal.

Click on 27 Miracles Facebook Page to see the Rehearsal Pictures taken by Jerdan Photography:


Bruce with Treasured Moments Videography captured this event at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Hotel Hotel with Donna Cook and 27 Miracles.


Thank you to the Vendors below who donated their time and service to make this rehearsal ceremony memorable for Ivonne and Andrew and their families.

27 Miracles  www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista http://www.sheratonlakebuenavistaresort.com/

Treasured Moments Videography  http://tmvphdfilms.com/

Jerdan Photography http://www.jerdanphotography.com/

Frankie/Salsa Heat http://www.salsaorlando.com/

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Ivonne’s Final Dress Fitting and An Unexpected Gift……

A week before the wedding Ivonne had her final fitting for her wedding dress at Minerva’s Bridals.  It was a special day for her. Rosie from 27 Miracles was there to deliver an unexpected gift from a very special lady, Angela Nuran.  Angela Nuran is a designer of shoes and when she heard that the bride wanted a pair of her shoes in Royal Blue, she could not help but overnight me a pair of those shoes for the bride to wear on her wedding day. For those that may not know Ivonne’s story, Ivonne was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma February 13 2012, she underwent surgery, chemo and radiation.  The community of Orlando and Tampa bonded together to be able to provide this young couple in love a dream wedding that they would remember always.   The bride through the chemo and radiation, had lost the ability to  walk without difficulty in her instep which made it hard to wear high heels.  She started to learn to walk in high heels again. You will see her reaction as she puts these shoes on for the first time.

Her wedding gown was designed by Maggie Sotero.  It was donated by Minerva Bateman, owner of Minerva’s Bridals.  Minerva was the one that contacted wedding planner Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles to help plan this wedding for Ivonne and her fiance Andrew.  You will see video coverage of Ivonne prior to being diagnosed when she was modeling for Minerva’s Bridals.  Her story will amaze you.


Thank you to Nannuk Media for the wedding dress  video.

Videographer  www.nannukmedia.com

27 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Minerva’s Bridals http://minervasbridal.com/

Angela Nuran http://www.angelanuran.com/

Ivonnne and Andrew’s Love Story in Their Own Words

If 27 Miracles could share the true love story of Ivonne and Andrew in words, it would just not be the same.  Mary Angelini, videographer for Key Moment Films captured that story for us in the couple’s own words.  We showed this video to them and their guests for the first time at their wedding reception.

Click on the link below to see their love story

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Key Moment Films  http://www.keymomentsonline.com/

Where Does Love Begin for Ivonne and Andrew

Earlier you read the happiest moment of Ivonne and Andrew’s life, their engagement to each other.  But what happens when all of a sudden life gives you a trial that is beyond you?  Where does Love begin? 27 Miracles had the opportunity to hear the story about Ivonne and Andrew after life threw this young couple a fast ball, that left them wondering just that…..

“I was diagnosed on Feb. 13, 2012 with Hodgkin Lymphoma, the news was extremely shocking for us, but did not expect something like this at all. I went to the hospital that day by myself found out the news by myself and in less than an hour later, Andrew, my mom , dad, aunt, grandma and future mother in law were there and I thought to myself how lucky I was to have such a wonderful family who loved me and supported me so much.

          I was in and out of the hospital for weeks at a time and there was someone there, always with me, they never left me alone. I had chemotherapy for three months. I felt weak, tired, nauseous and everything in between. I remember some days not being able to get up from my bed., how sore I felt throughout my whole body, not wanting to eat because I couldn’t even smell the food and Andrew having to feed me because my body was in pain.

          I think that the worst time of everything combined was the thought of losing my hair. After the first treatment, I cut it very short.  Then when my second treatment came around, it started falling out in a lot of clumps.  So Andrew, my dad and I decided to shave it all off.  Yet, in light of all I went through, shaving my head turned out to be one of my best memories!  

          I also always told myself, all this is happening for a reason and I realized that being with children at the hospital and watching them go through everything I had to go through, was becoming my true passion and calling.  This solidified my decision to go back to school and study pediatric- oncology nursing. The whole experience from the initial diagnosis of my cancer to the days of getting treatments to fight the cancer and everything in-between has taught me so much! It has taught me to be strong and to never lose faith in God because no matter what is going on through the ups and downs of my life; God has shown me that he is always going to be there for me.”

Andy Martin Photography had that joyous occasion to capture the love of Ivonne and Andrew, showing the world exactly “Where Love Begins.”  The story told through pictures will make you see that no matter what happens in life, where love begins is in the circle with no end.

Andy Martin Photography


27 Miracles



(Click on the images to expand)

A Love Story……..Ivonne and Andrew…….The Engagement…..

Everyone has a love story right? Of course that is the reason why people get married!  Today I want to share a special story with you.  The story of Ivonne and Andrew .  Ivonne and Andrew in their own words are sharing their love story. 

“This is how Andrew and I met.  One day, my friend and Andrews’s friend decided to set us up on a blind date. They thought we would be just perfect together.  They described Andrew as tall, handsome and very shy. So I decided to give the date a try. We first met at the Fashion Square Mall, where we had the most awkward date; he bought me a cookie and didn’t talk to me all night. Luckily we gave it another try. And we are so glad that we did because we discovered the amazing connections we have.  Little did I know that the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend, under a gazebo, would be where he proposed one day.

 How we got engaged… He took me to my favorite restaurant, Crave, on December 06, 2011; we had a very nice dinner. When we left he put a blind fold on me and told me he was taking me to a very special place. I asked him about a few different places that I thought he might have been taking me. I had a feeling about what was going to happen that night and I started crying under the blind fold of course I did not let him see me. About 20 minutes later he parks somewhere and opened my car door. It was extremely quiet and I couldn’t hear anything. He carried me for about 2 minutes and put me down. He told me that he loved me and he told me how special I was to him. He also  mentioned that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He took the blindfold off and we were in that special gazebo, I looked down and there he was on one knee, crying with me and asked me the four most special words a man can ask “would you marry me?” I said, “Yes, of course!!”

 Special hobbies… A few of the most special hobbies we have together as a couple is playing pool, I have yet to beat him! We also love going jet skiing and wakeboarding.  We also love doing new things, whether going to a movie or going zip lining, we can’t do the same thing all the time.

 Vision of wedding… My vision of my wedding has always been extravagant and BLING everywhere. Now that’s what I always thought I would want. Now that we have talked about it, I still love extravagant things at weddings but we also love the idea of a romantic wedding with candles everywhere and beautiful flower centerpieces. Whenever we watch the weddings on TV we love the idea of the candle lights, that’s our favorite. Romantic Simple Bling!! lol!!”

Photography by Leslie Rodriguez Danissa Photography  http://www.facebook.com/DanissaPhotography

27 Miracles