27 Miracles and Orlando/Tampa/International Vendors Making A Difference in The Community

Happy Labor Day!!! If you are home tonight at 7pm, watch Local 6 channel news, an interview with 27 Miracles They will speak about Ivonne’s wedding, Alyssa’s wedding and our vendors in the community making a difference. If you miss the episode they will have a link later in the week. http://www.clickorlando.com/seenon6

David Pavlik of Local 6, contacted Rosie Moore of 27 Miracles when he heard the incredible news that a community of vendors in Orlando, Tampa and even in Belize outside the US were willing to help out a local bride and her fiance, Ivonne and Andrew battling cancer; in the Gift of Love Wedding.   David was also interested in the Christmas Blessing Wedding orchestrated in December 2011 for Alyssa and Francisco.  As he interviewed Rosie Moore he soon discovered that the vendor community, not just 27 Miracles has a heart to help those in need.  This  is the reason that he decided to do a special on the community of Orlando/Tampa and give credits to Lara Goldman of Romantic Travels Belize for their tremendous efforts in hosting this wedding and honeymoon  for Ivonne and Andrew and Alyssa and Franciso.

What Local 6 states is:

“These are tough times and there sure is a lot of unfortunate news out there, and while Local 6 is committed to aggressively covering the economy, crime in your neighborhood, and the future of our schools, we are also committed to covering positive stories in our community and we’d like your help.”

If you know about people or programs making a difference in Central Florida, Local 6 wants to hear from you.

E-mail the information to makingadifference@clickorlando.com.

We’re all in these tough times together, and at Local 6 we’ll cover all the news in Central Florida, including the positive news in our communities.”

Thank you David Pavlik and Bridgett Ellison of Local 6, for making a dcifference in our community speaking about the positive things that happen in O Town!!


27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Andy Martin Photography http://www.andymartinphoto.com/

Magic Moment Photography http://www.amagicmoment.com/

KBJ Photography http://kbjphotography.com/index2.php

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