Our Miracle of Life Kaleb is 3 Today!!!

Who would have said that three years ago on October 13, 2009, baby boy Kaleb born at 4:45am , weighing 1lb 10oz would be here today proving all mankind wrong  that miracles don’t happen.  Today Kaleb is here as a living testimony that Miracles do still happen to this day!  Happy Birthday to 27 Miracles Owners Rosie and Marcus Moore’s Little Miracle!!

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27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

For stories about Kaleb click on the link here to see them:


You can purchase A Story of Faith through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly through 27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com…Your purchase would help benefit Nathaniel’s Hope!

Here is the hospital Interview that the hospital supporting Rosie and Marcus did:

http://vimeo.com/38137295    Interview

http://vimeo.com/38876622     Reunion

 And here is the link to our book: available at Amazon and Kindle





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