A Thank you from Mother of Quince

A Special Thank you from Dee the mother of our Quinceañera Dee:

Hola Rosie:  ya descansada y todavia recordando el maravilloso evento de mi hija.  Mis amistades hablan muy bien del quinceañero.  Gracias a Dios, y todos los que colaboraron para que el mismo fuese un éxito.  La dueña de la tienda donde compramos los trajes de la corte (Mark Occasion) quiere tarjeta porque su hija se casa y quiere que la boda quede tan bonita como quedó el 15.

Espero seguir en contacto con ustedes.  Dee te manda saludos y te dá la gracias.

Recibe un abrazo, Dios te bendiga, saludo a tu esposo y a Diana.


Dream To Reality Show….Brides and Quinceañeras

Brides and Quinceañeras come on out to the Dream to Reality Bridal and Quince show!!!  There will be three fashion shows one for the Brides, one for the Quinceañeras and one for the Prom Girls.  You will have an opportunity to meet with qualified vendors for your event needs. Some of the vendors include photographers, videographers, wedding officiants, florists, bakers for your cake, DJ’s and get to see the season’s wedding/quince/prom dresses and tuxedos without having to travel.  You will have an opportunity to see the ballroom at the hotel and meet one on one with the only Bilingual Master Bridal and Event  Consultant in Orlando, experienced in the wedding and quince industry.  For questions contact Florida Hotel at 407-414-7404 or contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454…..

Florida Hotel Flyer

Let’s Get Trendy/Something Turquoise

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Something Turquoise
Pearl necklaces and diamond studs are always lovely accents to a wedding gown, but for the fashionista bride, the latest and greatest wedding trend comes with a capital T for Turquoise. Give your wedding ensemble a vivacious surge of color by adding a chunky turquoise necklace or a stunning pendant. Or, leave your decolletage bare and don a pair of oversized turquoise drop earrings with a matching turquoise statement ring.


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 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting
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Sensational Ceremonies Weddings and Marcus Moore Officiating

Marcus Moore, Wedding Officiant for Sensational Ceremonies…

Photo Locations:

Cypress Grove, Orlando

Hilton Orlando, Bonnet Creek, Disney

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Friedlander Farms, Lake Wales, FL

Bella Collina, Mt Verde

Winter Park Civic Center

Orange Lake Resort, Kissimmee

Lakeside Reception Center Orlando

Fulton’s River Boat, Downtown Disney

Hilton Hotel, Clearwater Beach

Davis Island Garden Club, Tampa

Grand Oaks Resorts, Weirsdale, FL

Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando

Shades of Green, Walt Disney WorldSabrina and Bradley Cypress Grove Orlando Maria and Eddy Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek


Alexa and Keegan Winter Park Farmers Market Cara and Allen Friedlander Farm Lake Wales, FL Cristen and Frank Bella Collina Mt Verde Elizabeth and Steven Winter Park Civic Center Jaqueline and Christopher Orange Lake Resort Kissimmee Jean and Jesse Lakeside Reception Hall Orlando Katie and Eric Fulton's Riverboat Downtown Disney Amanda and Russell Hilton Clearwater Beach Brooke and Jason Davis Island Club Tampa Brooke and Jason Davis Island Garden Club Tampa Joiner_DeFranco_www.carriewildes.com_0345_0_low Pam and Jai 19509_464538733605909_1616556840_n Sarah and Bryan Gaylord Palms Hotel.Orlando Owens_Snyder_www.carriewildes.com_0276_0_low 542734_10151186546632795_43271750_n


Contact Marcus Moore 407-905-5454 or email him at moore@sensationalceremonies.com



Why do Jewish couples break a glass at their wedding?

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Why do Jewish couples break a glass at their wedding?

In Jewish tradition, the “breaking of the glass” is meant to recreate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, to remind the couple and their guests that even in times of celebration, their people have suffered. Even if you aren’t Jewish, it’s important to remember that there can be no shadows without the light.

Wedding Day Staff

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Your wedding day staff should be there to cater to you, not the other way around, but it’s perfectly acceptable to treat staff to meals and beverages. Still, there are plenty of things you don’t need to do, and things you definitely shouldn’t do, so it may help to establish boundaries. Here are a few suggestions to keep things running smoothly.

Allow brief, staggered breaks.
Your staff members should be able to work the few hours it takes to hold a reception without multiple smoke breaks and private phone calls to their significant others, so you shouldn’t allow unnecessarily long breaks if you’ve paid your staff to work for that time. That being said, you aren’t running a sweatshop, so don’t be inhumane and deprive staff of bathroom breaks or time needed to replenish thirst. Instead, allow staggered, short break times during your reception so that service will not be neglected and staff will not be exhausted.

Offer light meals.
You don’t have to go overboard with a Kobe steak dinner per employee, but it’s appropriate to offer light meals or snacks for your employees, especially if your reception is held around dinnertime. Speak to your catering company about meal plans for your employees: you could offer simple variations of the meals you supply for your guests at a reduced cost.

Maintain a strict no-alcohol policy.
You can provide staff members with beverages and give them breaks to consume non-alcoholic drinks, but your servers should not be enjoying your open bar. To ensure that your staff provides the best service possible, and for your own safety and security with legal liabilities, do not supply your staff with alcoholic beverages or allow them to consume alcohol during their breaks. Letting your staff booze on the job is inappropriate on multiple levels. If your catering company belongs to a service association, they should abide by a strict code of conduct, so make sure the staff members follow that code.

Go Green With Charity Registry for Your Wedding

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Go Green with a Charity Registry

Instead of a second set of pots and pans, ask your wedding guests to donate to a charity of your choice in lieu of a gift registry. Here are some great charities to consider.

Brides Against Breast Cancer  http://bridesagainstbreastcancer.org/

American Red Cross: donate to a disaster relief fund

Adopt an Acre: adopt part of the rainforest in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica ($50 donation to adopt an acre, $25 donation to adopt a half-acre)

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Brittney and Chris Singing at the Christmas Blessing Wedding

When Brittney and Chris heard about the Christmas Blessing Wedding they could not help but ask how can they use their talents to help bless this couple Alyssa and Francisco.  They decided to sing the Lord’s Prayer at their ceremony. Chris is a student at Rollins College of Music and Britteny studied at North Central University.

If you missed the story for this wedding click on the link below to read it.


27 Miracles   http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Treasured Moments Videography   http://tmvphdfilms.com/

Why is the groom supposed to carry the bride “over the threshold”?

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Why is the groom supposed to carry the bride “over the threshold”?
Ancient Romans believed that a bride should only enter her new home through the main door on her wedding day, but that if she tripped or fell, it would bring bad luck upon the couple’s household. The Romans feared that demons would try to trip the bride to ensure that bad luck fell upon them, so to avoid the potential downfall (get it?), the groom would just go ahead and carry her through the door and over the threshold.

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Perfect Wedding Lingerie

Helping you get from wedding woes to wedding bliss one issue at a time!

Much like shopping for your wedding attire, shopping for your wedding lingerie is one of the most fun aspects of planning your wedding.

Consider buying separate sets of lingerie for your wedding gown, your reception dress and your wedding night.
For your wedding gown, you may need extra support from your lingerie. For your reception dress, you may want something more seamless. For your wedding night, the focus may be solely on the lingerie itself. So with all of that in mind, consider buying two or three different sets of lingerie. While you’re at it, don’t forget about your honeymoon!

Match your wedding day lingerie to your gown.
However playful, colorful lingerie might show through under your white gown, so choose something that won’t distract your guests or look tacky.

Have every piece properly fitted and, if need be, properly tailored.
Even the finest intimates can look frumpy if they don’t fit your body correctly. Be sure to have your measurements taken and have every piece of lingerie properly fitted and tailored to your body.

Have your wedding gown and reception dress fitted over your lingerie.
Bring your wedding lingerie to your dress fittings to make sure your wedding gown and your reception dress lay nicely over your delicates. Your lingerie should enhance the shape of your body, but if it proves to be too bulky under clothes, you’ll want to know ahead of time so that you can look for lingerie that doesn’t bulge out of your gowns.

Try everything on again at least one week before your wedding.
You’ll want to make sure that everything still fits perfectly for the big day, so be sure to try on your lingerie and your gown at least one week before your wedding in case any last-minute alterations need to be made.

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