A Special Thank You From a Special Wedding ……

27 Miracles and the very talented vendors that they work with don’t do the work that they do for any type of special recognition or merit, but what a special surprise when the clients turn around and thank the vendors for the hard work that they have done to make their day extra special. The Gift of Love Wedding for Ivonne and Andrew reminds us everyday that yes we thank God for our talents that we have to help fulfill someone’s dreams…..

If you missed any of Ivonne and Andrew’s stories, click on the link here and you can sit and enjoy all the videos, pictures and news stories about this very special wedding.


Watch the following videos thanking the vendors from the bride and groom and the parents of the bride….

Thank you to Nannuk Media for capturing this special moment:

27 Miracles  www.27miraclesbyrosie.com


Phone: 407-905-5454

Nannuk Media Group www.nannukmedia.com

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