27 Ways to Wow Your Guests



“27 Ways To Wow Your Guests”


1. A list of trivia questions about you for each table.

2. Favors that relate to your hobby or special interests.

3. Childhood photographs of you and your fiancé displayed in an album or on a table.

4. Your parents and/or grandparents wedding photos.

5. Put together a collage of your love letters.

6. A groom’s cake in honor of your fiance’s hobby.

7. Choosing your favorite flower for your centerpiece.

8. Playing your favorite team’s theme song.

9. Sharing your love story during your ceremony or reception.

10. A special thank you friendship dance with all your guests.

11. Name your tables instead of numbering them with places you and your fiancé have been.

12. Choose your favorite poems to read at the ceremony.

13. Announce birthdays, anniversaries or engagements.

14. Give a dance lesson at your reception.

15. Write special vows to each other.

16. Include special ethnic or traditions and dances.

17. Treat your guests to your favorite wine or dessert and tell them about it.

18. Include your signature animal, team, hobby, activity in your wedding theme.

19. Have guests write thoughts and wishes for a time capsule that you open on your 10th wedding anniversary.

20. Honor Military personnel present at wedding with a tribute song.

21. If you or your fiancé are talented, wow your guests with that talent whether singing to your bride/groom or dancing.

22. Bring back conversation tables if the location has them.

23. Surprise guests with a choreographed first dance.

24. Have a slide show of bride growing up when dancing with her dad/mom.

25. Pictures of your pets.

26. Do an anniversary dance while eliminating the shortest married couple (you) with the last married couple left.
27. Table cameras so that when you greet each guest someone takes a picture of you and your guests at that table and when you develop the picture you send a copy to them with their thank you.

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