How to Select Your Wedding Cake

Selecting your wedding cake is just as important as selecting your wedding dress states Angela Taylor, Professional Bridal Consultant with 27 Miracles in California.

When choosing a bakery there are several things to consider.This is why research is very important,and thanks to the new age of technology that research can start online. After narrowing down a few prospective baker’s/bakeries, it will be time to set up an appointment to visit them soon after.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.  Choose a bakery with excellent references

While looking online you want to find bakeries with great feed back. If a particular baker has multiple bad reviews then you may want to run the other way!!!

2 Don’t wait till the last minute

You want to give yourself an adequate amount of time to select a bakery/baker. Once you have a theme and color scheme the hunt should begin. My advice is to give yourself 4-6 months, so that your not in a last minute panic.

3. Make sure you love the design and taste

Design and taste are very important.  When choosing designs you have several options, some of these options will depend on whether or not the wedding will be held indoors or outdoors. Nowadays, more and more brides are choosing fondant in lieu of buttercream, however there are many bakers/bakeries that can create the same look without the excess sugary taste of fondant.  The flavors of today’s wedding cakes are more than your average chocolate and vanilla or your lemon or strawberry fillings. Rarely do you see a simple cake or simple figurine of the bride and groom on top.

It is perfectly okay to be creative, choose your wedding colors, a replica of your dress color or  just about anything that fits your wedding theme.  But before spending time on a design,  first set up a time for a tasting to make sure that it will be all you imagined taste- wise . Look for texture and flavor. This is also when you will possibly be able to look at replicas and see their portfolio.


4.  I cannot stress enough………….

Having a friend or family make a cake may save you money, but it can cause certain chaotic issues.  I once coordinated a wedding where a family member of the bride made the cake and the venue refused to serve it because they declined to be responsible if any guests  were to become ill. All reputable venues will ask for health and business license as well as liability license from a baker.

At another wedding a bride ordered a wedding cake from a local grocery store and it was left sitting outside in the sun. The cake changed colors and the pillars sunk into the cake causing the cake to lean and almost fall to the ground.  How do you fix that?

With all that being said, if you find yourself very busy during the wedding planning process, getting a qualified wedding planner such as myself or any of the ones here at 27 Miracles; would be a great decision.  We are here to help make this process as easy as possible.

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