27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 6

“Smell the Season”

” Long ago people cut evergreen boughs to scent their home and brighten dark days.  Continue that tradition-without the mess, by using essential oil of evergreen.  Put a few drops on a terra-cotta tree ornament.  You can find essential oils at health food stores.” Better Homes and Garden

I have a  special terra-cotta ornament that was made by my daughter in school in the shape of a Christmas tree.  I remember the day she brought it home, it smelled like a real Christmas Tree.  Although the scent is long gone,  the memory of  the ornament is like it was yesterday.  I guess you can say I learned something new and I can go and get some evergreen oil and dab it on the ornament to give it that fresh-cut tree smell. I have hand made ornaments to this day from all three kids and each year as I hang them I remember the day they gave it to me and special memories of each child.

Merry Christmas!!!! Make Memories!!

2011 Family Pictures 019

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