27 Miracles Countdown to Christmas Day 9

” Give Unto Others”

“Set aside materialism for a while by giving back to those less fortunate.  One way to do this, volunteer for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Christmas campaign and ring a bell for a couple fo soul-gratifying hours.  To find out more, visit ringbells.org or call your local Salvation Army.” Better Homes and Garden

Most of us get caught up in all the holiday decorating, shopping, parties and activities around Christmas.  It is human nature to get caught up in the media announcing sales.  I remember one year that I thought for sure I would not have a Christmas gift for my children.  I was a single mom and thought that year hat I would start  my shopping  early and place gifts on lay away. That year we got hit by three hurricanes, my car was totaled and the person that hit my vehicle did not have insurance.  I had a large 1000 dollar deductible.  I was devastated not only did I not have money for Christmas, I did not have money to pay the bills.  The hurricane and the accident wiped me out financially.

I attended church and my small group caught wind of what had happened to me. Our small group teacher said there are some people who want to help you.  She said write down yourwants and needs.  Not only did I receive gifts and clothes for my children, but I received a gifts as well. I asked for a simple heavy sweater( the granny sweater I call it) so that I could wear it to work where it was freezing all the time.  I never thought that someone would do that for me, out of everything i received, that is what I treasure and remember the most.  I do not know who gave it to me, but to this day I have it and use it in my home office now( after it traveled to many places ).  I thank God daily that He allowed a situation like this to happen so that I may learn the lesson and pay it forward.

If you have not signed up for Christmas Angels, take a moment and get one today.  You see them all over the malls or call and find out where there is one near you.  Adopt a family for Christmas or two and give the children on that list their needs and maybe even a want or two, you will feel great and that family will too.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
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Winter Garden Boys and Girls Club ( Below)

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