What Christmas Traditions Do You Have?

Christmas is a time of the year in which most enjoy spending time with their families. Decorations are put up. Christmas cheer is spread. Traditions are made.  

How do you tie in the Christmas season with your fiance? Well, this is also the time of the year to create traditions with your significant other. As your relationship strengthens and you enter marriage, your significant other becomes family, and new traditions start to unfold.  Afraid of where to begin?

Kara from mywedding.com says one way to start the holiday season is to,“take a break from the crowds at the malls and do some of your holiday shopping at local craft shows.”

As a fellow Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, I enjoy making crafts and other homemade goodies for my loved ones.  I also enjoy baking chocolate filled goods such as fudge.  Activities such as making crafts and baking with your fiance can be an enjoyable tradition as well as one that is more personal and intimate.  This gives you and your fiance a chance to spend the holidays together, while creating meaningful traditions; sending out homemade goodies to your other loved ones is a way to incorporate them into this new found tradition.  This lets your loved ones know that you care about them through the work invested into making the goodies.  

With the comfort chocolate provides me during the holidays, I will be enjoying this holiday season with my significant other, baking and decorating whilst taking sips of hot cocoa.  Take this time to enjoy the holiday season focusing on spreading love and cheer.

Written By: Christine Pabelico, Wedding and Event Planner for 27 Miracles

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com/


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