Wedding Shoe Stickers

Are you in need of accessories to make your wedding day appearance even more glamorous? Our online store provides just that. One item that is becoming popular for couples is wedding shoe stickers.  You can choose stickers to add onto the sole of the shoe or on the heel, such as “I do” and “Mrs. [insert initial of your future last name].”  There are also options for the groom, including “Yes dear.”  Moreover, if you are looking for something blue, the “I do” sticker fits nicely. The addition of these wedding shoe stickers gives that perfect personalized touch.

Below are examples of these stickers, and you can view more of our selection at

Do not hesitate to contact us; we offer great deals on many wedding day accessories!

By Christine Pabelico

27 Miracles


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One of 27 Miracles’ Grooms decided that he would give his wedding stickers a try!


Michelle and Eric Engagment Pics KBJ March 27 2012 300

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