Singers at Your Wedding Ceremony

Many brides want to make their ceremony different by adding singers to their ceremony, but often they do not know anyone professionally that would come out to their wedding.  This is when they contact the wedding planner in search of a singer.

Some important details to remember when hiring a singer,  ensure that you meet with the vocalist ahead of time and that you hear them sing for you if you have not heard a cd of their music.  Discuss the expectation of the amount of songs that you would like sung( especially if you are asking them to learn a piece of music for your wedding).  Singing is not just the art of opening your mouth and singing, there are many factors that a singer must prepare for.

Be sure to discuss if you are having an outdoor ceremony that the musician is okay with singing outdoors and that your sound system person( usually your dj) provides the necessary speakers and sound system for live performance.  On the day of the wedding be certain that a sound check is done.

Lastly, make sure that the singer has some extra water provided for them on the day of the event as well as stand up microphones( if that is their preference) and if they need music stands.

When you hire 27 Miracles to take care of your wedding, these details are automatically taken care of for you so that you do not have to worry on your wedding day about another vendor and what is needed for the day.

Here at this wedding singer Christopher Gaitan performs the Lord’s Prayer at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

27 Miracles

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