Valentine’s Day Plans, Tips, Ideas

Valentine’s Day is only two days away. Are your plans set in stone? Below, we have provided a few holiday ideas and tips.

  1. Celebrate all day. Valentine’s Day is on a Friday; therefore, many of us will be working during the day. In the morning, send a little note to your significant other wishing them a good day, and if time permits, try to schedule your lunch breaks together and catch a quick lunch. Valentine’s Day should not be limited to only part of the day.friend-letter


  1. Avoid a walk in. If you are planning to have dinner at a restaurant, make reservations beforehand. I would suggest securing a table before the day of Valentine’s Day. At many restaurants, reservations will fill early. You will not want to walk in to a restaurant hoping to get a table, only having to leave and find another available restaurant.

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  1. Add the perfect touch. Do you remember your first date? Do you have a favorite song that you and your significant other enjoy listening to? Incorporate these concepts into the day such as having a date at the same location you had your first date. Those first date memories will come back, and you can ponder on why you fell in love. Adding little touches unique to your relationship will make the day more romantic.


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Regardless of what your plans may be, 27 Miracles wishes you a safe and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

By Christine Pabelico Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

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