How Did You Spend Valentine’s Day?

Surely, love was in the air this past Valentine’s Day. For us, at 27 Miracles, we enjoyed this special day. It was a great reminder of the love around us despite how busy life can get. Let us not stop there though. Everyday should be treated like Valentine’s Day. However, expensive goods are not necessary. After a hard day at work, a home cooked meal and a movie rental can say much. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.

Below are some ways that our 27 Miracles team spent their Valentine’s Day.

Christine Pabelico , Certified Wedding Planner

Christine Pic


Valentine’s Day started with Rosie Moore celebrating with her special little valentine, Kaleb Moore 
1654463_10152055676302795_905610725_n (1)


Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant Celebrated Valentine’s Day at Pasha Mediterranean Restaurant, with a  side-show of belly dancing

Valentiens Day 2014 Pasha Mediterranean

Belly Dancer 2014

Valentine’s Day started with a beautiful card and flowers from Rosie’s Funny Valentine, Marcus…

Valentines Flowers from Marcus 2014

But what really made Valentine’s Day special, was entering a Valentine’s Day contest with RJ Glamour and Innovation.  RJ Glamour and Innovation the week before Valentine’s Day had a contest for the best Valentine’s Day story.  Rosie Moore entered her story, there were so many good stories that they said the one that has the most likes will win.  Someone won the flowers, however RJ Glamour was still touched by Rosie Moore’s story and said this story deserves a beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangement and that is what you see below.  The story made Rosie Moore realize that she really does have the BFF of her life!

Valentines Flowers from RJ

Read the story below that won the above floral arrangement……

Family pic 2013

“Why do I love Marcus so much? Because when we met he left a whole world behind in NJ to be with me and my two children and did not even look back to see what he left behind. But most important, we had a baby that was born at 27 weeks and not only did he take care of me when I almost died, but he took care of the baby and made sure that I got to the hospital for 5 months while our baby hung on for his life. When he came home, he left his job to take care of him full-time. It has been 4 years since our baby was born and thanks to him, our son has had a fighting chance of recovery receiving care from therapists at home and good medical care. When he is not taking care of the baby he is taking care of our dogs( one of which is so elderly that he has to be picked up to go out) he takes care of my elderly parents, me and my older kids. There are not any words to express what he does for us all. Then he goes out and marries couples inbetween all of this. Happy Valentine’s Day, God gave me a Winner!!!!”

So today 27 Miracles wants to know, how did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Post your story here on our facebook page

Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner/Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant

27 Miracles

RJ Glamour and Innovation


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