Beach Wedding Make it Memorable…

A beach wedding with a sunset and ocean view is breathtaking. With sand all around you, choosing the right footwear is important. Wearing heels during the ceremony can give an elegant look. However, after wearing heels for that given amount of time, you may want to consider changing into another pair of shoes. What about flip flops?



2575eLeslie and Nick pic 3

Are you worried that wearing flip flops may take away some of the beauty of your wedding? Don’t be. 27 Miracles can provide you with flip flops perfect for a beach wedding. These flip flops leave a “Just Married” impression in the sand. They come in white for the bride and black for the groom. For more of a tropical theme, a tropical orchid style is also available.





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Our choice of flip flops are perfect for the reception after the wedding ceremony. It’s a unique way to share your “just married” news. They can be given as a wedding favor as well.

Not only are they comfortable, but they also give a modern beautiful look to your beach wedding. Check out the 27 Miracles online store to view the selection.


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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Wedding After Party, Trending

Have you ever had too much fun at a wedding that you didn’t want it to end? Well, this year offers a new trend of weddings lasting longer throughout the night. In other words, weddings may have an “after party.”

This trend is becoming more common for younger couples. The entire process of a wedding can make up most of the day, but some couples prefer time after the wedding to party aside from a sit down reception. An after party can be added to the schedule after the reception so that the couple may continue to enjoy the company of their family and friends.

For an after party, make sure to have transportation arranged for your guests. Also, this part of the night will most likely be more casual so let your guests know if an outfit change is needed.



After a nice early day ceremony it is time to bring in the night time fun with an after Party at Bong’s in Downtown Disney with the Latin Flare of the Islands


Relax, dance, enjoy a few drinks, and have fun! It’s your wedding day after all.


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles


Church Wedding Song An Alternative to Traditional

A wedding ceremony such as one at a church can be a sweet way to tie the knot. However, some couples want to have a combination of both traditional elements and nontraditional elements at their wedding. An example of this is to have the wedding at a church using nontraditional music.

Instead of having a church wedding with traditional music such as “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel, consider modern songs which are church appropriate. “God Gave Me You” by Bryan White is an example of a song fit for a church wedding.

Kessinger (226)

This song is perfect for a bride to walk down a long church aisle to. It describes the feeling of being blessed to have found the love of your life. “God Gave Me You” also explains the realization of one’s worth, feeling at peace with that person’s life. It’s an uplifting, warmhearted song overall.

Lastly, if this song choice does not fit your wedding style, no worries. Check out our 27 Miracles’ blog every Thursday for more wedding music ideas.


By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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The Day After or the Night Before

Hmm What do you mean the day after or the night before???

Today is where to go Wednesday on the 27 Miracles Blog!  Today the team of 27 Miracles had their  planning meeting for all their upcoming events and TooJay’s Catering was at the top of the dinner menu! Heather was our host for the evening!

27 miracles team march 2014

Heather and her team came out for a night of fun food tasting !!!

See samples of what the Planners at 27 Miracles had!

Yogurt Bar Continental halved Continental Platter Fish Platter hot breakfast IMG_5818 IMG_5819 IMG_5820 IMG_5821

Here is a little history on TooJay’s Catering:

TooJay’s began as a modest New York style delicatessen on the Island of Palm Beach in the Spring of 1981.  Founded by Jay Brown and Marc Jay Katzenberg, they combined the common portion of their names to come up with the moniker “TooJay’s Gourmet Deli”.  Over the years the concept, the menu and the look have evolved and the number of locations has grown to 24 across the State of Florida.

Although TooJay’s is best known for its overstuffed deli sandwiches, spectacular salads and traditional deli favorites and comfort foods, we also pride ourselves on outstanding delivery and catering services.  Every creation reflects TooJay’s famous attention to detail and  presentation   Whether you are planning a holiday party, reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or groomsmen breakfast, rely on TooJay’s for everything from gourmet party platters to lavish hors d’oeuvres and fabulous hot entrée buffets.

From our classic deli platters to elaborate plated dinners, from Fortune 500 companies to family life cycle events, TooJay’s has been serving the catering needs of our communities for over 30 years.  We are proud of our tradition, and the diversity of clients we serve.

The next time the occasion calls for catering, trust TooJay’s with your menu, then sit back and enjoy!


So how does that tie in to our weekly where to go Wednesday?

When you are looking at where to go for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding or your day after the wedding brunch with family  contact 27 Miracles for planning.    We can have it  poolside or  in your home, TooJay’s Catering takes care of it all.  Or having family the day after the wedding enjoying a morning brunch to wish the happy couple good bye before they leave on their honeymoon, or if they left early, the family that is still here will benefit from spending time together in a more relaxed event, brunch!

27 Miracles

****For special rates contact 27 Miracles 407-905-5454 or****



The Big Entrance as Mr and Mrs and the Grand Exit

The DJ is ready to announce the wedding party, and you are ready for your big entrance into the reception hall.  See some of our past couples having fun making their big entrance!

Ivonne and Andrew Wedding Pics Andy Martin 573Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and KyleDiana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 396

KBJ Wedding Pictures 466Kessinger (492)Steall and Tom Wedding 024Alyssa and Francisco Wedding Pictures Dec 2 2011 393Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 436Eric and Luzia Wdding pics Nov 15 2009 281710


On the other hand, have you considered your send off?

The send off occurs after the reception in which your guests send you off to leave the venue as a married couple.  Sparklers, bubbles, artificial snow, or confetti can be a great addition to a send off.

Eric and Luzia Wdding pics Nov 15 2009 471Ashleigh and Jason Jan 23 2010 667317684_10100625828017482_5103493_59371968_311471144_n



Kessinger (813)Diana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 698Winter Park Civic Center, Winter Park, Florida wedding of Desiree and Nguyen Vu


Antonia and Julio 5oth Wedding Annivesrsary 302

Before deciding to add special items to your send off, consider these tips.

A large amount of space is needed. Depending on the number of guests attending, you will need to find a large amount of space that can be used for the send off. If you are interested in an extravagant send off, find a venue that has a spacious outdoor area.

0948Antonia and Julio 5oth Wedding Annivesrsary 308

294788_250826058294320_163223857_nDiana and Andrew Wedding Oct 15 2011 348925

Or you can have a secret escape while the guests are doing their last dance and sneak off to Downtown Disney for some kid fun!KBJ Wedding Pictures 886


Check with the venue. Venues have policies for the usage of sparklers and other special items.  Due to liability and safety issues, some locations will not allow the use of these items at all.

Or ask your 27 Miracles Planner, they will make sure to get the right sparklers for you and instruct your guests how to use them.

For more ideas of send off decor, take a moment to view a selection from 27 Miracles online store.

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles



Best regards,

Getting In Shape for The Big Day

From the moment that a bride becomes engaged she starts to think, “oh I better lose some weight to fit in my dress.” But in today’s busy schedule for working women there isn’t always enough time to plan the wedding, spend time with the fiance, work , shop for wedding items and then fit working out at the gym and taking Zumba or a spinning class.  Something has to give but what?





Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant for 27 Miracles, prides herself to say that as a nurse event planner she takes care of her brides with extraordinary care.  As a nurse event planner she will look after your health financially in planning your wedding but also your physical and emotional health with the highs and lows of the emotions involved in planning your wedding.  Rosie could not do this all on her own, so when she hires her team, she makes sure that her team is on the same page of excellence in service, taking care of you, the bride,  with Extraordinary Care. See one of Rosie’s brides below as she is at her final fitting after a year-long planning service is about to be fulfilled.

Now getting back to how 27 Miracles can help you balance the time.  Well,  you have to work so that the wedding can be paid for.  You have to spend time with your fiance’ because you need to cultivate the relationship.  You have to sleep.  The only thing left is working out at the gym or planning your wedding, you need to do both.  So the logical method is contract a wedding planner to help you do the all the legwork and have your workout.  Your planner can help you make decisions based on experience, budget, likes and dislikes and dreams that you have  for your special day.

So some tips for losing weight or maintaining the weight you have:


-eating smaller portions

-identifying sources of empty calories in your diet, like sugary snacks

-eat more fruit and vegetables

-eating leaner low-fat meat and dairy products

-eating  your calories not drinking them.  Engagement time is also a time of having parties or just hanging out with the girls , choose your beverages wisely

-exercising, this is the best way to burn those calories.  So  cardio and strength training is the best .  If you are able, incorporate a trainer in your plan, that will help you to learn how to work out with just the right equipment.  Or join a group class at the gym and that will also help you with some of the strength training classes offered.

27 Miracles can always refer you to a personal trainer…



As Bianca personal trainer and Spin instructor says:

“If today you are on the fence about whether you should move forward with something or not, whether it could be the right or wrong decision…..YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!!!! ……unless you follow that little voice in your head, to go with your instincts, to go with what you aspire and not to worry about the rest! Things will always work out and remember there is NO wrong decision because we learn from EVERY SINGLE experience EVERY SINGLE DAY! So put your big boy and big girl pannies on and GO FOR IT!!!!!! Have a good night!!!!!” – Bianca



The end Result a beautiful healthy you!!



27 Miracles



Did You Propose Today?

Happy National Proposal Day! For all the couples that have gotten recently engaged, has there been any love songs stuck in your head? When you are in love, those happy love songs can make you smile.  

Just look at this groom as he surprises his beautiful bride with a song on their wedding day, 27 Miracles loves a good surprise!

Maybe the song, “I Do” by Colbie Caillat, can sum up all your romantic feelings towards your fiance. This upbeat song explains the feeling of being in love, knowing you’ve found the one. It’s about being ready to say I do and get married.  

Are you ready to take the journey and marry the love of your life? This just might be the perfect song for you. 

Congratulations to all engaged couples!

 By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles


Spring Weddings Are Here!!!

Nice weather, beautiful flowers, and bright colors surround the Spring season. Since tomorrow is the first day of Spring, let’s discuss a great location for a Spring wedding.

How about the beautiful Lake Mary Event Center….

Michelle and Eric Engagment Pics KBJ March 27 2012 574

Michelle and Eric Engagment Pics KBJ March 27 2012 618

Or a mansion in Windermere


Or how about on the beach or in a garden?

Caroline_Marshall_0253 Caroline_Marshall_0376 Caroline_Marshall_1838 Caroline_Marshall_1890

If you love the atmosphere of the Spring season, how would you feel about having your wedding at a garden? The Central Florida area has unique venues that include a garden with greenery and bright colored flowers. A garden-filled venue is a lovely outdoor choice in the Spring.

How about a wedding on the roof top of a beautiful castle with the sun setting behind039909500226

To complete the outdoor, Spring season ambiance, a rustic style wedding might suit you. Take a moment to read our previous blog, “Rustic Wedding Trends” for ideas regarding a rustic wedding.

A Vintage Wedding on a farm..

photo 7 photo 8photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding and event Planner

27 Miracles

First Touch On Your Wedding day

It’s become tradition for the bride to avoid seeing the groom before the wedding ceremony. This tradition actually began due to arranged marriages. The groom was not allowed to see the bride for fear that the groom would change his mind and no longer want to get married. Times have changed, but this tradition is still practiced worldwide.

On the other hand, weddings no longer require this tradition.  A popular option for couples has been the “first look” in which the bride and groom schedule time before the ceremony to see each other.  If you want to incorporate the tradition while staying in contact with your fiance on your wedding day, a good tip is to schedule a “first touch” instead of a “first look.”

With a first touch, you and your fiance will be able to hold each other’s hand and communicate without seeing each other. This moment must be planned well. The perfect area of your venue needs to be selected to avoid the chance that you may get a glimpse of your fiance.

KT3Q0329AOrlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and KyleKT3Q0500A

The first touch is a romantic way to devote time with your fiance before the ceremony.

If you are interested in having a first touch at your wedding, contact 27 Miracles at 407-905-5454 or We are happy to help you schedule this moment into your wedding day.

Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles

Make up and Hair and St Patrick’s Day!!!

One of the most important parts of beauty on your wedding day is your hair and makeup.  While you may have years of practice putting makeup on and styling your hair, don’t worry about doing these tasks on your wedding day.

Your wedding should be stress free. Just relax in that comfortable chair while you get pampered by a professional hair and makeup artist. You will want your makeup to last all day long, and the same goes for your hairdo.  A professional artist understands your needs and only uses the best equipment  and products so that your look lasts throughout the entire wedding day.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Also, a professional hair and makeup artist ensures that you are photo ready. A great artist will apply makeup considering the light that may reflect when a photo is taken. Your overall look matters to professionals.



With a professional hair and makeup artist, you will find yourself stress free and will look gorgeous in the process.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Here is a gorgeous bride getting her nails done before her wedding ceremony.

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Father admiring the beauty of his daughter!


Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

And the groom is mesmerized!


This bride and her bridal party look stunning in green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Orlando Science Center wedding in Orlando, Florida, of Tiffany and Kyle

Melissa from Mel’s Beauty Box has this tip to share with our 27 Miracles Brides!

Take a Peek at Melissa’s “can’t live with-out essential” Melissa is the lead artist and owner of Mel’s Beauty Box. Her passion for Beauty and Health has pushed her beyond any limit. She challenges herself to inspire anybody in her path, to help achieve their goals not only in the beauty industry, but in over-all lifestyle.

Her ‘can’t live with out essential is Coconut Oil. She uses it as a hair mask, in mouth to Oil Pull, on cuticles & feet, on skin, on eyelashes to make them grow, etc. She could go one for days about her obsession and love affair with coconut oil. Most def a must have! Check out her website for more of her favorite picks and DIY blogs.

Hair and Make up on our Green Bride Tiffany by Candi Eckstrom by All About Your Wedding

Pilster Photography

By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles