Your Wedding Day Hair and Make Up

Getting pampered on your wedding day includes having your hair and make up done by a professional artist.  In regards to hair and makeup, are you envisioning a smoky eye look or a natural look? Would you prefer a sophisticated updo or loose curls?

Although you may already know what wedding day look you prefer, you won’t know exactly how fitting your preferred look is until you work with your hair and make up artist. Don’t wait until the wedding day to see how a hairstyle looks on you. If you dislike the results, working on a different look will delay the ceremony and cause stress.




Instead, schedule a trial session with your hair and make up artist before the wedding. This allows the artist to give you the personalized attention you desire. You will have the time you need to see what make up look and hairstyle fits you best. When the wedding day comes, there will be no surprises in regards to your wedding day look.


Winter Park Civic Center, Winter Park, Florida wedding of Desiree and Nguyen Vu


A hair and make up trial session will help make your wedding stress free. Feel beautiful with no worries. Your wedding day should be everything you dreamed of…

By Chrsitine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

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