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Have you missed our blogs? Well, 27 Miracles has a great blog for you today. This past week has been filled with busy schedules surrounding three weddings, rehearsal dinner and to end the week a Baby Expo! A fun fact is that two of our three brides are teachers. Two weddings with Two teachers same day. How awesome is that?

As a Result of the weddings, 27 Miracles would like to share a different side of modern beauty today. A wedding requires much planning and coordination. The result is gorgeous, and we would like to share a few pictures of the beautiful weddings of Alicia and Michael, Lauren and Cedric and Jessica and Ryan.

Here are some pictures from Alicia and Mike’s wedding rehearsal…Stay tuned for the rehearsal day story!1926758_10152192044347795_7204563851715889904_n 10171147_10152192044762795_4952560207336663414_n 10176145_10152192045027795_6410762490803784888_n 10314655_10152192044392795_3291030206982408199_n1544550_10152191802472795_3840037457679047168_n 10258922_10152191803187795_8724507543313492786_n


Then it is the wedding day for Alicia and Mike!


10255492_10154088131595389_274918606829069617_n 10294498_10154094387980389_1494426036389148498_n10253978_10154088131705389_1296349746363324985_n 10247200_10154094387690389_600626068807961473_n10151376_10152194019782795_5614853381036383198_n 10258349_10152194019367795_1853104411391281716_n 10258593_10152194019472795_7549837179869645976_n 10314740_10152194019582795_8521180806513232042_n 1621992_10152194019682795_2249910341935937914_n 1911741_10152194019642795_7922572845918919291_n


Then there is Lauren and Cedric….stay tuned to read their wedding details soon….

IMG_20140426_172807 IMG_20140426_182006 IMG_20140426_141937 IMG_20140426_150134


Jessica and Ryan’s wedding on the Lakefront!Jessica and Ryan April 26 2014


And finally our weekend came to an end with the Journey of Joy Baby Expo where 27 Miracles own Rosie Moore, was signing her book A Story of Faith and people learned about the upcoming event on September 13 2014.  Save the date!!!

10320526_10152195653962795_2980801589834945577_n 10253867_10152195654037795_8630339983243189652_n

Follow our blog so that you can read the wedding story of each couple and live their day through pictures and video.  You will fall in love all over again with your souse to be as you await your special day or as you rekindle the romance and explore a vow renewal.

If you are wanting to have a beautiful wedding but don’t know where to start, contact 27 Miracles today at 407-905-5454 or for a consultation.


Today’s blog brought to you by Chrsitine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner and Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant


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