Happy Nurse’s Day!!!

Many of you are wondering what does National Nurse’s Day have to do with weddings and events?  Well Rosie Moore, Master Bridal Consultant is a registered nurse.  It makes the role of wedding planner even more exciting because not only does she take care of planning the wedding of her couples dreams, but she also takes care of her couples medical needs.

Kimberly and Steve can attest to that.  This couple just days before their destination wedding in Orlando they arrived with sore throats and the weather did not help much.  They had to run their choreographed dance that Thursday evening and right after both were feeling drained and under the weather. Nurse Event Planner( as some call her) took the couple to her home-made them Echinacea Wellness Tea with Honey and Lemon and some home made pumpkin bread.  Teh couple went back to their hotel room feeling better.  The next day at rehearsal she had the hotel bring hot water at dinner for tea and again gave them their tea and one more tea on the wedding day.  By the time the wedding started spirits were up, sore throats were gone and a fun filled wedding was had!  The happy couple left the next day for Hawaii( the groom surprised the bride) and they were able to enjoy the entire  honeymoon.

Kimberly and Steve Rehearsal Dinner 226

KBJ Wedding Pictures 510 KBJ Wedding Pictures 492

Although you see Rosie Moore planning her weddings and events, you will always see her caring for her couples well-being whether getting enough rest and sleep to being the designated medication holder and giver when she has sick brides or grooms.

Today is National Nurse’s Day and it is the day that is celebrated to honor the nurses and all that they do for you.

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