Happy Mother’s Day!!

27 Miracles wants to wish all the mothers and mothers to be a very special Mother’s Day!!! Happy Mother’s Day to our past Brides who are now Mothers! And a very special Mother’s day Video to a soon mom to be…..

Alyssa-6227 ????????????????????????????? 1545061_10102657623258532_2094038116_n 1486899_3760904917735_1543758567_n 424591_651815244833371_1210406293_n 1044238_668810726467156_157225359_n 1470392_10152088335161340_1371202982_n 1555449_10152191165531340_20438126_n 581199_10151817122975182_1869660960_n 403437_10151817122925182_1640884892_n

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