Having A Geek Themed Wedding?

Today’s blog is dedicated to the offbeat, geeky couples. If you are looking to have a geek themed wedding, the terrific tune of the day is a good song choice. The song is “Mario Kart Love Song” by Sam Hart.

For those who enjoy Nintendo’s Mario Kart, you may be able to relate. Are you and your significant other two gamers in love on a journey along Rainbow Road? Sam Hart has created a cute and geeky way to express your love to your significant other. “Mario Kart Love Song” invites lighthearted feelings. Listen to this sweet song below.

Check out the author of the Mario Kart Love Song Sam on his wedding day to Karen….

You can read their wedding story here


Of course, “Mario Kart Love Song” can also be played as an elegant, string version. Listen to another amazing harp cover performed by the amazing Christine MacPhail. This version is a great option to walk down the aisle to.


Christine MacPhail Pic 2


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By Christine Pabelico, Certified Wedding Planner

27 Miracles http://www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

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