Cohabitation and Marriage

Every now and then 27 Miracles comes across articles worth sharing.  AAWP had this one to share:

“This week’s Words of Wedding Wisdom regards cohabitation and begins with a a question: Since 1960, how much has cohabitation BEFORE marriage increased in the U.S.? The answer: A whopping 1,000%.Today, most couples cohabit, meaning they live together before marriage. According to a recent study by Rutgers University, those who cohabit before marrying risk a much greater chance for divorce when they do marry. And all along, you thought it was the other way around-that you needed to live with your SO, to really get to know one another before the fact, to cut your chances of divorce. Not so.

 Years ago, AAWP came across a study by Bumpus and Sweet, noted sociologists, who came up with the same result. Their study said, in effect, that if you live together before marriage, you almost double your chances for divorce. But there is a silver lining to this cloud. If you live together with plans for marriage, in other words, if you are engaged, the studies’ statistics don’t apply.

When it comes to making wedding plans, let us further caution you. The Catholic Church does not approve of cohabitation before marriage and it’s reason enough for a priest to deny your marriage.Other Christian faiths seem to look the other way when it comes to cohabitation and if you’re Jewish, it’s doubtful that your marriage would be denied. But it is a factor you should be made aware of before you meet with clergy. Many engaged couples decide to tell their clergy of their living arrangements, others don’t. The choice is yours.”

Happy Planning….

27 Miracles


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