27 Miracles ..Experience Miracles and Dreams Come True

Welcome to our blog!  27 Miracles Wedding Consulting is a full service wedding consulting and coordinating company!  We have a variety of services that we can do to help you.  Our company loves to have fun helping you plan your special day. At 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting we believe that “your wedding day should be everything you dreamed of.”  Visit us  on our website:     www.27miraclesbyrosie.com where you will read about Central Florida’s Only Bilingual Master Bridal Consultant Rosie Moore and her excellent team of Certified Wedding Planners.


13 thoughts on “27 Miracles ..Experience Miracles and Dreams Come True

  1. Here is what Brides are saying about 27 Miracles!

    It was so wonderful to have Rosie here on my special day. Throughout the entire time from the moment I was engaged until the day that our wedding day came, she was there for me. Even when I changed dates and had less time, she reassured me that it would all work out and it did!

    Leslie and Nick Perez Januray 19,2008

  2. Sometimes when you think to yourself, ‘ how in the world will everything fall into place on that special day,’ that’s where Rosie comes into the picture. She made me feel relaxed, I didn’t have to focus on those little things that made a big difference. It was all as I had imagined, so I wanted to take this time to thank Rosie for being there for me on my special day.

    Nikki and Chris Federico May 2007

  3. Rosie has been an angel and a delight to work with! I cannot imagine having accomplished the wedding of my dreams on a tight budget without her guidance and support. I also never thought I would meet someone who communicates as often as I, but I have met my match in Rosie. I would recommend 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Rosie!!

    Michelle and Luis Future Bride 2/21/09

  4. Rosie has been such a valuable part of planning my wedding. She has been there for me every step of the way as much or as little as I have needed her. Her communication is fabulous and ability to make things work on any budget is amazing. Thank you, 27 Miracles, for everything!! Michelle….. Future bride 2/21/09

  5. Rosie,
    Thank you so much for the information. It is very helpful. As I told Eric last night, I have so much confidence in you. I had a migrane for 3 days but after meeting with you last night. My headache just all of the sudden went away. Again I really appreciated it.
    Talk to you real soon. You are the best!
    Candace future bride 10/11/2008

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