Why Do Jewish Couples Break a Glass At Their Wedding?

Why do Jewish couples break a glass at their wedding?

In Jewish tradition, the “breaking of the glass” is meant to recreate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, to remind the couple and their guests that even in times of celebration, their people have suffered. Even if you aren’t Jewish, it’s important to remember that there can be no shadows without the light.

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Helping you get from wedding woes to wedding bliss one issue at a time! 

Helping you get from wedding woes to wedding bliss one issue at a time! 


Wedding Day Staff

Tips on Managing Wedding Day Staff


Your wedding day staff should be there to cater to you, not the other way around, but it’s perfectly acceptable to treat the staff to meals and beverages. Still, there are plenty of things you don’t need to do, and things you definitely shouldn’t do, so it may help to establish boundaries. Here are a few suggestions to keep things running smoothly.


Allow brief, staggered breaks.

Your staff members should be able to work the few hours it takes to hold a reception without multiple smoke breaks and private phone calls to their significant others, so you shouldn’t allow unnecessarily long breaks if you’ve paid your staff to work for that time. That being said, you aren’t running a sweatshop, so don’t be inhumane and deprive staff of bathroom breaks or time needed to replenish thirst. Instead, allow staggered, short break times during your reception so that service will not be neglected and staff will not be exhausted.


Offer light meals.

You don’t have to go overboard with a Kobe steak dinner per employee, but it’s appropriate to offer light meals or snacks for your employees, especially if your reception is held around dinnertime. Speak to your catering company about meal plans for your employees: you could offer simple variations of the meals you supply for your guests at a reduced cost. Or, simply order a few extra plates of hors d’oeuvres! Fed employees are happy employees.


Maintain a strict no-alcohol policy.

You can provide staff members with beverages and give them breaks to consume non-alcoholic drinks, but your servers should not be enjoying your open bar. To ensure that your staff provides the best service possible, and for your own safety and security with legal liabilities, do not supply your staff with alcoholic beverages or allow them to consume alcohol during their breaks. Letting your staff booze on the job is inappropriate on multiple levels. If your catering company belongs to a service association, they should abide by a strict code of conduct, so make sure the staff members follow that code.


See what The Knot Recommends:


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December 27th Finally Here!!!!

You may be wondering why is it so important for December 27th to finally be here ?  Well for starters on an evening like today in 2005, Marcus, business manager for 27 Miracles and Officiant, proposed to Rosie, Master Wedding Planner for 27 Miracles, with heart-shaped Disney fireworks in the background as they watched them from her house.  You may still be wondering why should that matter…..it’s a long story…but if you really want the whole story…you can find out here … http://www.amazon.com/Story-Faith-Mrs-Rosie-Moore/dp/1468134809

Rosie’s Book was also published on December 27 2012…coincidence?  Hmm….StoryofFaith

Day After Engagement

Our Green bride Tiffany and Kyle, were excited to find a date that had a 27 in it that would work for them, and they sure did 10/27/12 see their story here ….https://27miracles.com/2013/02/14/a-green-wedding-tiffany-and-kyle-102712/


Not that it was planned that way, but Rosie and Marcus’ son was born at 27 weeks, way too early and not something that you want a 27 in.  However, that is another day’s story. A good trivia is Rosie and Marcus had 27 in their bridal party accidentally, one dropped out due to going on a mission trip so we had 27 for the ceremony.

Kaleb_1year (2)

Rosie and Marcus Wedding Pics Hi Res 162

But the other reason this date is important is because Mary and Philip are getting married, no not today,  in June. You see, when Mary was on a search for a wedding planner, she could not believe her eyes when she saw that there was a planning company named 27 Miracles.  27 is Mary’s favorite number.  It so happens that her photographer was married on Mary’s birthday Aug 27, her caterer has a 27 in his address and her florist has a 27 in his address.  I know it sounds corny, but everyone has their special things and 27 is Mary’s special day as it is 27 Miracles’ special thing.

Mary and Philip’s engagement story:

“Philip and I first met in middle school. Looking back now we would pass each other in the halls but had no idea we’d be husband and wife down the road. We then met again in college, we saw each other, again in the hallway, and it ended up we were signed up for the same class starting in the spring semester. Something kept bringing us back to each other! We started dating 12-12-2008 almost 7 years after we met in middle school. We got engaged  5-9-2014 to be husband and wife 6-20-2015 …..Eternal Light Photography, captured their beautiful engagement session!

DCJ_7218 DCJ_7233 DCJ_7229DCJ_7261DCJ_7299DCJ_7285





















Mary and Philip couldn’t leave their college spirit out of these pictures….University of Kentucky!










Mary and Philip are both such free spirits and they love the gardens and open areas so they wanted to make sure that their engagement pictures reflected that. Congratulations from the 27 Miracles team to Mary and Philip on their engagement.







DCJ_7468 DCJ_7472 DCJ_7497 DCJ_7501 DCJ_7516 DCJ_7537

DSC_1815 DSC_1828 DSC_1833
DSC_185627 Miracles www.27miraclesbyrosie.com

Eternal Light Photography http://eternal-lightphotography.com/

Love at Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to all.  We hope that everyone had a wonderful time with their friends and families! Today’s blog is about Ursula and Robert, a couple in love.  Ursula and Robert met in their complex at the gym.  Each time they were out and about their complex, they kept bumping into each other and it was love at first sight! They started dating and the rest is history!!! Robert being the romantic that he is got down on one knee and proposed to Ursula!


The happy couple had great plans to have a large wedding, but instead decided that they would have a more intimate and romantic wedding and focus on their new home and their new baby on the way.  Although some folks could not attend this week day ceremony,  the intimacy of the wedding size, was what they both wanted.

Ursula dreamed of a wedding in the park, not an easy task when it’s a park and there is not a true back up for rain.  But the planning went on at Kissimmee Lake Front.  Let’s watch as this day unfolds.

The wedding day arrived!! It was a hot Friday Morning in October. Upper 80’s, sunny but humid and hot! Southern Elegance Limousine started the morning off with picking up our beautiful Bride Ursula at her home to bring her to the ceremony.  The groom Robert and his  best man arrived first.

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 023 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 009 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 014 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 018 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 013 - Copy

It is time to start getting ready, with RJ Glamour providing the bride’s favorite flower, Sunflowers in her bouquet and maid of honor’s of bouquet.

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 151  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 154

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 157

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 174

It’s time to start the wedding ceremony to the tunes of Harpist Christine MacPhail as she starts setting the mood of romance with her beautiful harp.

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 029 - Copy

Here Comes The Bride as the groom looks on:

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 027 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 031 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 035 - Copy

The Father of The Bride, gets ready to release his baby girl to Robert….

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 002 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 036 - Copy

Marcus Moore officiated the wedding for this Happy Couple as they did their sand ceremony and an excerpt from Dr Seuss…

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 004 - Copy             Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 055 - Copy Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 048 - Copy  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 053 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 026 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 007 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 045 - Copy

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 056 - Copy  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 060 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 061 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 059 - CopyUrsula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 063

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 065 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 067

Signing the marriage license…Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 068

Ursula and Robert surrounded by their close family:

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 074

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 071
  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 075Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 078 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 081 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 090 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 099 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 100 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 102

Ursula and Robert thought that they would not get a first dance in, but thanks to some planning with Roque Productions, he was able to play  “All of Me” and they got that first dance in with Treasured Moments Videography capturing the emotion live of this happy couple in love, surprised that they can share a first dance after their ceremony!

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 082 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 083 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 085

Michael Anthony Photography captured the Bride and Groom’s fun yet romantic spirit during their portraits in the park..

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 110 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 111 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 113

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 121 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 123 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 133 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 127 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 129 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 130   Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 137
Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 139 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 142 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 145

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 147

Ursula and Robert’s family planned a picnic luncheon in the park for the happy couple but one of the things that Ursula and Robert would miss on was their first cake cutting and toast.  We could not let that happen, so a cake from Publix  came to the rescue as  Michael Anthony Photography captured this sweet and fun moment.

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 240

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 161  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 163Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 164  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 167 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 166 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 168 Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 169  Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 171Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 170

The end of a wedding ceremony….but the beginning of a new path in life…marriage and family…

Ursula and Robert Wedding Oct 10 2014 114

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Christine MacPhail/Harpist

Photo: Michael Anthony Photography

Videographer: Treasured Moments

Sound System: Roque productions

Floral: RJ Glamour and Innovation

Transportation: Southern Elegance Limousine

Christmas Eve it is Here!!!!

The last few day have been so busy!! Wow….But a good busy, spending time with those we love and care for….. Here are the last three days of our Christmas countdown…

Day 22 Christmas Countdown:

Save Face:

Sorry for the delay…today was my birthday and I was determined to enjoy it and not work!

Did you forget to mail a Christmas card to a friend or relative who won’t forget that you did not send them a card?  Don’t stress over it, send an email card that will arrive instantly .  You can get free greeting cards at bluemountain.com

cestitke1 ??????????????????????????? man-computer Woman-writing-Christmas-c-001

Day 23 Christmas Countdown:

Wander or Wonder

Don’t drive to see the best decorated houses in your neighborhood, walk instead.  You will reap the rewards of a closer look while squeezing in some exercise which is important because with all the busyness of the holidays, it’s hard to find time for a formal walk.

house-xmas-lights-3 RMS_brettdebbie10357281-exterior-christmas-lights_s4x3_lg Suburbia+Lights+Up+Christmas+UUB3KKqxP3-l

Day 24 Christmas Countdown:

Be Very Blessed

On This Christmas Eve take a moment to write down all the people and things for which you are grateful. ” Remembering those who have blessed us is to be renewed and restored in the meaning of life, says Richard Olson,”a retired Lutheran Pastor.

Also remember that random acts of kindness knows no calendar.  It is easy to be kind during the month of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but remember those in need all year round  A need is not always material, a need can also be emotional.

Merry Christmas from the team at 27 Miracles..May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2015!

Rosie, Marcus, Christine, Ashley, Gina, and Tess

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1897859_10152707608387795_2304151760563659691_n 10417543_548770745250600_1633575783155951912_n Ashley Bliss Gina Maniaci Tes Poleschuk

Light The Night

Day 21 Christmas Countdown:

Today is the First Day of Winter and the shortest day of the year.  This is due to the lack of sun, which can make everything look gloomy and dark.  Today make your home as bright as possible with extra Christmas lights and candles.  Take a walk outdoors around lunchtime and then at night look at all the pretty Christmas lights with your family.

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ChristmasTreeFireplace1024127315christmas-5792142 christmas-lights dt.common.streams.StreamServer

What To Do For The Next Few Days

I bet everyone is wondering what happened to the daily countdown?  Well even yrou most organized wedding planner gets busy! So grab a chair, sit back and relax as you catch up on the next few days of countdown.  Ready, set go!

Day 15 Christmas Countdown:

Examine Your Sole:

Christmas shopping not only takes a toll on your wallet, but on your feet as well.When you get home, put a towel around one foot, grasp both ends of the towel and pull your toes toward you for 15 seconds, then release.  Do this until you feel the soreness slip away.  Then switch feet.  Or if you have time to get a nice foot rub ….that will help too! Even a father of the bride massages his daughter’s feet right before the wedding…..that is love!!!

155783-425x283-pregnant-woman-foot-rub Father of the Bride Giving Foot Massage


Day 16 Countdown to Christmas

Imitate St Nick

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh to make you feel the joy of the season.  Need some help tickling your ribs?  Here are some great ideas, watch the  movie The Santa Clause or Home Alone….or sometimes just remembering some good old-fashioned fun! I love that we can make our couples laugh!!!

Nayya and  Jose Vikki and Chip 2 Vikki and Chip

Day 17 Christmas Countdown

Celebrate the Quirky

Learn to laugh over all the silly slip ups that happen every holiday season. Then write them down , you will find these mishaps often become your best t memories.  Some of our best memories are the the ones that are least expected according to Psychologist Ronald Nathan.

6a0120a6546872970b017d3f0af16d970c-800wi 019 President Barack Obama Takes Part in "Christmas In Washington"

Day 18 Christmas Countdown:

Scent for Company

To quickly make your house smell festive, add a tablespoon each of these herbs to 2 cups of water, let simmer on low heat in an old pan, taking care not to boil.  Use dry cinnamon, bay leaves, sage leaves, rosemary and lavender.


Day 19 Christmas Countdown:

Dust off a Lawn Chair

Bundle up and sweep off a lawn chair.  It’s tempting to hide inside, but it’s important especially with the beautiful Florida weather to remain connected to the outdoors all year round.  Sit quietly for a while and watch the birds and nature all around you.

002 steven-lawn-chair

Day 20 Christmas Countdown

Curtail Illness:

It never fails just as we get close to the holidays you start to feel sick, because you are run down, not sleeping enough, not eating right and it is flu and cold season.  Remember wash your hands often, use your antibacterial, take zinc and vitamin c as a precaution when around many people, think of that when you are out shopping or at events.  If you do get sick, try the Echinacea tea with honey and lemon, if it is not getting better see your primary care doctor so that they can recommend something before it gets worse.  Often times it is viral and you just have to wait it out.

easysteps_photo_ES26_antibacterial_foam_hands-504x334 viral_uri (1) washing-hands Woman Fighting the Winter Cold 460

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Light Your Fire

Day 14 Christmas Countdown:

Have you ever stared into a flickering fireplace? If you have you will see how captivating and relaxing this is.  Although we don’t all have a fireplace, there is something that you can do, stare at a Christmas Candle.  Research suggests that if you place a white or blue candle at arm’s length, light it and gaze into it, slow your breathing and let stressful thoughts flow away, you will feel a lot better.

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Rest Your Weary Head

Day 13 Christmas Countdown:

About this time of year people are starting to get overwhelmed with all the things to prepare for Christmas with parties, families and even weddings! Today we did the wedding of Vikki and Chip, so this may explain why we are missing some Countdowns!!!


Day 13: When you are feeling weary, take a nap.  You don’t really have to fall asleep but do lie down in a dark room that is quiet for about 20 minutes.

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Businesswoman napping. iStock_000005552350Small thanks-science

Tie One On

Day 12 Countdown to Christmas:

Tie one on, that is an apron! Wearing a festive holiday version of an apron make you feel festive and in the mood to bake! This can be a special time with that special someone who you love, or with the kids baking cookies or even with your friends, as a girls night out! So let the baking begin!

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Baking-up-a-storm-for-Christmas-1981 c1280x720_6 Christmas-2010-off-to-a-screaming-good-start-008 cookie-day-christmas-2013-018 GirlfriendocokieslabelNFF