Christmas Eve it is Here!!!!

The last few day have been so busy!! Wow….But a good busy, spending time with those we love and care for….. Here are the last three days of our Christmas countdown…

Day 22 Christmas Countdown:

Save Face:

Sorry for the delay…today was my birthday and I was determined to enjoy it and not work!

Did you forget to mail a Christmas card to a friend or relative who won’t forget that you did not send them a card?  Don’t stress over it, send an email card that will arrive instantly .  You can get free greeting cards at

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Day 23 Christmas Countdown:

Wander or Wonder

Don’t drive to see the best decorated houses in your neighborhood, walk instead.  You will reap the rewards of a closer look while squeezing in some exercise which is important because with all the busyness of the holidays, it’s hard to find time for a formal walk.

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Day 24 Christmas Countdown:

Be Very Blessed

On This Christmas Eve take a moment to write down all the people and things for which you are grateful. ” Remembering those who have blessed us is to be renewed and restored in the meaning of life, says Richard Olson,”a retired Lutheran Pastor.

Also remember that random acts of kindness knows no calendar.  It is easy to be kind during the month of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but remember those in need all year round  A need is not always material, a need can also be emotional.

Merry Christmas from the team at 27 Miracles..May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2015!

Rosie, Marcus, Christine, Ashley, Gina, and Tess

27 Miracles

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