Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 3…..The Love of Goofy and Belle

27 Miracles loves themed weddings!  That was the case for happy couple Michelle and Eric.  They both loved Disney and every detail in their wedding was Disney.  They were married in The Castle Hotel and that is where the magic began.  Michelle and Eric were so eager to surprise each other ….Michelle wanted a goofy given to Eric as that was his favorite character and Eric wanted to give Michelle something with Belle.  And then there was the song and of course neither knew anything of what the other wanted to plan.  This was a wedding full of surprises from morning till night, sunrises for the couple, the guests, each other and even the planner( the bride snuck that one in there on planner Rosie Moore!)

Love is about the element of keeping the relationship fresh.  It does not matter how small or insignificant the gesture is, for those who truly love, the smallest gesture is romantic and cherished.

Watch the video and see what planner Rosie Moore came up with….

27 Miracles


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