Valentine’s Day Countdown Day 5….Horse Drawn Carriage Surprise

Sometimes people get married and they would love to add certain elements to their wedding, but at the time of the wedding it is not always possible.  That was the case for Ana and Jay, when they were first married. Jay had wanted to surprise Ana with a horse and carriage but he was not ale to at that time.  Now that Ana and Jay were renewing their wedding vows, Ana contacted 27 Miracles to coordinate their 20th vow renewal. As planner Rosie Moore sat with the couple listening to how their first wedding was, Jay said. ” I think everything is perfect in the planning.”

Later on Ana said, “yes everything is perfect,  the only thing missing is the horse-drawn carriage and my husband riding in it to get me.  That is something he always said to me, one day I am  going to whisk you away in a horse and carriage, ” and she laughed about it and brushed it off moving on to the next subject.  Well, when Moore heard that, she went to work and obtained the info for the white horse and carriage.  She contacted her friends at High Horse Carriage and spoke with the groom about this wonderful surprise he could do.  He was ecstatic!

We planned for their little girl to come riding in the carriage and bring the wedding rings to the couple down the aisle.  The look on the bride’s face was priceless!

So paying attention to the little things in life throughout the years helps to create surprises that will be memorable throughout the rest of the marriage as was the case with the horse and carriage for Ana and Jay.




27 Miracles


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